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Choose a B Corp Marketing Agency that values education for all, openness, honesty, challenges and giving a sh*t. Discover our story and how we pass these wonderful benefits on to our clients.

B Corp Certified

Let’s make the world a better place with marketing that’s B Corp certified.

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Why did we become B Corp certified?

Being part of the B Corp community is all about creating an ‘inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet’. It’s about using business as a force for good – which is exactly why Footprint Digital was set up.


Helping you climb mountains

Everest - The World's Highest Mountain

Our Director, Tom Bowden, met Bouchra Baibanou whilst climbing Mount Toubkal, Morocco. She had a dream of becoming the first Moroccan lady to climb the seven summits. At the time, Footprint Digital was a very small marketing agency – but we persevered and sponsored her. Shortly afterwards, she completed her seventh mountain… Everest!

Bouchra’s determination, combined with our desire to help her reach her goal, symbolises our relationship with clients and colleagues. We persevere, never give up and help people succeed in fulfilling (and exceeding) their ambitions, so they can climb their own mountains. 

Helping you climb mountains is our agency’s mission.

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Use business as a force for good

In 2021, we became 1% for the Planet members, which means we give 1% of our annual revenue to charitable causes doing good things for the planet – including Building Malawi (who we’ve supported with planting trees).


Tired of marketing agencies keeping clients quiet?

Are you tired of your marketing agency doing the bare minimum? Does it feel like they’re just trying to keep you quiet? 

We were tired of this, too. So we created an environment where our team is supported to do the best work of their career (and have a healthy work-life balance). In return, our clients feel confident that every digital marketing decision will deliver. 

Education, accessibility and technical expertise are second nature. Our mission is to demystify digital and provide a positive space for everyone to produce excellent results. 

Looking to learn more? 

We regularly host events – from guest lectures at universities to education workshops and our ‘Footprint Digital Presents…’ series.

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Passionate about digital sustainability

Becoming a B Corp felt like the natural path for us to take, and we’re honoured to join a group of businesses that work hard to protect people and the planet.

Did you know? 

An SEO-friendly website with helpful content uses less carbon. By making SEO improvements to improve the efficiency of your website, and making it easy for users to find exactly what they need, you reduce waste – and therefore your website’s carbon output.  

Making the digital space a better place

We’re driven to do better for our planet. We know that the digital space is environmentally damaging, so to combat this we developed the Digital Carbon Footprint Audit, included a chapter on Digital Sustainability in our marketing textbook, and spread the message about digital sustainability across all our services. From SEO and PPC to Conversion Rate Optimisation – help convert your customers better whilst also learning how to make your website more sustainable. 


Does partnering with a B Corp marketing agency benefit clients?

Yes! Just to name a few, partner with us and you’ll get:

  • A marketing agency that strives for positive change not profit
  • An ethical, credible business partner you can trust
  • To work together towards a more sustainable future
  • Motivated employees who have your best interests at heart

Interested in working with us?

You’ve got the opportunity to be part of this force for good. Whether you’re interested in becoming a partner or seeing how our digital marketing services can transform your business – get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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Looking to improve your website’s sustainability?

Our Digital Carbon Footprint Audit helps you understand and reduce the carbon emissions of your website.

What does B Corp mean to our team?

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