1% for the Planet event at Spitalfields City Farm

Published on October 13, 2022 by Alex Eade

Being part of 1% for the Planet is something we’re really proud of. Footprint Digital was founded to help people achieve things they didn’t think possible (kickstarted by our donation and support to help Bouchra Baibanou climb the 7 summits). We’ve carried this desire to help people on by donating 1% of our annual revenue to charitable causes, and on Friday 7th October, Kaya attended a day for 1% for the Planet members. 

Kaya was the perfect person to attend this event – not only is she part of our Green Team (the internal team championing sustainability within our business) she is also a Partnership Development Manager, meaning she builds relationships with other fantastic agencies so that we can help each other, and each other’s clients, achieve more. 

After meeting the other attendees, limbering up for an early morning yoga session, and attending a session aimed at maximising our 1% for the Planet membership it was time to give back. 

The whole group headed down to Spitalfields City Farm in Tower Hamlets. The farm was opened in 1978, turning wasteland into a beautiful community project for locals to enjoy. In 1980 the farm gained charitable status and since then it has provided an oasis of green space on the doorstep of the City of London. Not only does the farm offer a wonderful place for tourists and locals to wander, it also provides crucial education to local school groups and Young People’s Volunteer Sessions to teach life skills and improve the confidence of young people. Basically, it’s great! 

Whilst Kaya was there, the 1% for the Planet Group received a tour of the farm, and then had the enviable task of letting the goats and sheep out of their pens to go to their feeding areas. The group then split in two. Kaya’s group collected nettles to make natural fertiliser for the farm’s plants as well as harvesting lots of rosehip for animal feed. The other group were charged with working on the flower beds, planting peas, and tidying up and doing maintenance on the farm. 

Days like this are a fantastic way to meet like-minded businesses who want to do their bit for the planet, as well as chat about new ideas and ways we can all help each other to improve.