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Need help transitioning from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

We help you join the dots by turning Google Analytics insights into real results. Working with multiple data sources, including Google Analytics, we help create reports that are meaningful, provide analysis and help you make better decisions. This, in turn, enables you to multiply the impact of your marketing budget.

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Google Analytics – A wealth of information at our fingertips

The key to SEO and success online is measuring and testing to improve site performance. Google Analytics is the perfect tool for this.

Free, and with a wealth of data, it is incredibly powerful. However, often with great amounts of data, comes great confusion.

That’s where Footprint Digital can help. It is one thing to have the information, but what we can do is help you understand how to use this data to dramatically improve the performance of your website and online marketing activities. We can help manage your Google Analytics for you, keeping on top of changes and patterns in your data, and freeing up your time to get on with what you’re really good at.

We use Google Analytics daily for all of our clients, to ensure that the websites we work on consistently achieve great results. We can help you understand:

  • Where should I invest my time and budget?
  • Do I need a better website?
  • Are people engaged in my website?
  • Are any pages letting me down?
  • Should I have a responsive website?
  • Should I translate into other languages?


How can I improve all of the above to exceed my marketing goals online?

Our technical team are also adept at moving businesses across from the current Universal Analytics to GA4. As of July 2023, Universal Analytics will stop collecting data. However, you will need to make the switch as soon as possible, as GA4 will not carry across data from the current analytics. Time is of the essence in order to retain your data and get confident using this new system. We will help with that and ensure that your GA4 is set up for success.

Contact our team of friendly experts and we will help you get more out of this powerful tool.

How to Make the Most of Google Analytics

“Focus on the user and all else will follow” - Google Co-Founder, Larry Page

Measure Performance

We make sure your Google Analytics account is configured correctly to track everything that is important to your business including purchases, completed contact forms and phone calls.


Investigate the Data

Why don’t more visitors turn into customers? Are there pages on your site that are letting you down? Which devices generate the most sales? We find out and let you know.


Act on Insights

We provide a clear list of things to improve on your site which, when fixed, will help you make more money online.

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Measure Performance and Turn Google Analytics Insights Into Real Results

We will help you to:

Understand your data

We provide reports that are easy for you to read, as well as providing constant support from your Relationship Manager, who can answer your GA-related questions


Trace customer paths

GA data can show you how people use your site – where they go and what they do. This information is vital for pinpointing areas of your website that are under-performing


Know what to do next

We provide you with a clear list of outcomes and next steps by constantly analysing your GA data so that your website can remain optimised

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Yes, It Works

CRO, PPC and SEO require specialists

It's all we do and we are great at it. Qualified and approved by Google, we have
achieved great things for our clients.



Product page performance up 80% through Conversion Rate Optimisation


Space Maker

106% Average year-on-year increase in Conversions over the last 4 months of 2014


Oasis Overland

Bookings up 42% through SEO