Turvec: On the road to success with this cycle storage solutions start up

2020 organic traffic was 120% up on 2019. 

'Footprint have helped us join the dots between all these different campaigns and channels, so whether that’s SEO, PPC, the content hub - these are all quite separate online functions and it would be easy for them to become disjointed. Footprint’s knowledge of us as a business means they keep these distinct channels all closely knitted together’
Jon Oldaker - Turvec's Marketing Manager

Turvec joined us as an innovative start up who needed help with visibility and growing their brand online.

We began with just one service, paid search, to really jump start their visibility. Over time, Turvec has expanded this to include SEO and Site Build and Migration support and our team love watching their business go from strength to strength. 

  1. Paid Search – We used a wide net approach to push as much traffic as possible towards their website and build visibility in the early months of their campaign. Then we began focusing in on specific aspects of the business that they wanted to build. Now, Turvec are a big player we have reverted to a broad approach, building and managing search ads, display, YouTube and shopping ads. As well as re-broadening our keyword bidding, we now bid on ‘Turvec’ as other companies see them as a strong brand and are targeting them in their ads! 
  2. SEO – The client initially had  a small Wix website. We optimised this as far as possible, re-writing and keyword optimising on-page content. When we were happy that the client was ranking for product terms we created a content hub, so that Turvec could also become a thought leader in the industry. 
  3. Site Build Support – The company grew to the point where the Wix site was no longer enough. Since then, we’ve supported them through two site build and migration support campaigns, first replacing their Wix website with a WordPress site in May 2018 and then another WordPress site in May 2021. 

Key Outcomes: 

  • In August 2018, we started SEO for Turvec’s website with 10 keywords in position 1-3 and 32 keywords in position 4-10. By July 2021 we had achieved 101 keywords on the first page, with 45 in position 1-3
  • The client has gone from no visibility to getting 5-8 quality leads per day through their website.