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840.5% increase in Organic traffic Year on Year 

1,639.6% increase in Organic new users Year on Year 

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ABL, an ABL Group company, joined us in 2016 under the name LOC Group & Aqualis Braemar. They are a leading global independent energy and marine consultancy, working in energy and oceans to de-risk and drive the energy transition across renewables, maritime, and the oil and gas sectors.

ABL offers world-class expertise from 65 offices in 39 countries across the globe.

ABL Group acquires companies and the Footprint Digital team support them to bring their acquisitions under the existing brand family online, by migrating relevant content over to their website and then redirecting whatever that business is that they’ve acquired.

SEO and Website Build Support

We have an ongoing strategy for their SEO and regular meetings with them to discuss their new acquisitions and online branding optimisation. Our Tech SEO team completes regular technical checks and flags new priorities on existing websites and with each new acquisition, including things like updating Google My Business profiles.

We provide website build support, ensuring that their content is SEO compliant and that they’ve got everything that they need on their existing sites. The team also works to make sure that there’s no content crossover online between the businesses that they acquire.

When ABL were having trouble with a domain name redirect, we stepped in and worked closely with their web developer, Fever, who is a partner of ours, to get that across the line in time. This involved comms between the SEO tech team and the developer to determine what had gone wrong and then rectify it. Thankfully we have nurtured a strong relationship with their developer, so this process was made a lot easier.

Content for ABL 

We developed a content strategy, prioritising their web pages based on work required, traffic levels, and keyword potential. Our content team updates, consolidates or removes pages based on this plan but we’re flexible when ABL sees something else as a more immediate priority. We mostly work on static page optimization including things like adding informational or conversion focused copy. In early 2023 the client requested a content audit for one of their other businesses and so we trialed a new technical content audit for them.

Successes for the client

6 months (October 2022 – March 2023) compared to previous 6 months:

  • 71.13%  increase in Organic traffic

Year on year:

  • 840.5% increase in Organic traffic
  • 1,639.6% increase in Organic new users
  • 789.6% increase in Organic page views