Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Achieve a greater ROI with fast, targeted and measurable online advertising.

Working across Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok our team of industry leading paid advertising experts use state of the art attribution modelling to build data driven paid social and ppc campaigns that offer measurable results.

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"Working with Footprint Digital is great. They take away the stress and waste by making sure we spend money in the right places. The reports I get are really helpful and the results make everyone happy."

Pay Per Click Advertising Agency

PPC is the process of creating adverts that are seen by web users when they make a search. It’s a practice with a plethora of names – paid advertising, paid search, cost per click advertising, and search ads being just a few.

What it’s called isn’t that important- what is important is that during every second that goes by 54,907 searches are made on Google. That’s 54,907 opportunities for you to get your adverts seen and raise brand awareness.


Set budgets, targets and tracking to ensure you generate target ROI


Choose the right keywords and locations to target


Create compelling adverts that generate interest


Ensure that the landing pages convert


Measure and drive traffic

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CRO, PPC and SEO require specialists

It's all we do and we are good at it. Qualified and approved by Google we have
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Product page performance up 80% through Conversion Rate Optimisation


Space Maker

106% Average year-on-year Increase in Conversions over the Last 4 months of 2014

Oasis Overland

Bookings up 42% through SEO