Being Part of a BCorp Community: The Digital Agencies Striving to Do Better

Published on November 17, 2023 by Alex Eade

Ever since we started our agency, our mission has been to demystify digital marketing – pulling back the wool from people’s eyes and helping marketing managers feel more confident in their decision making, through honest delivery and constant education. 

We’ve always wanted to humanise digital, and to make a positive impact. 

These two core goals are the reason why being part of a community of like-minded digital agencies is such a great thing for us. Since becoming a B Corp in April 2023, we’ve met some incredible companies in this space, and we have learnt so much from them. We’ve lived up to our ‘be a sponge’ mantra, and have been soaking up all of the information from our fellow B Corp certified members. 

We’re constantly learning, and meeting new fantastic B Corps, but we wanted to introduce you to a few who have really had an impact on us… 

Something Big

Something Big are a creative communications agency who work with businesses to make meaningful and positive change. Their insight and creativity help them to have a long-lasting impact for their clients, employees, businesses and (as every B Corp wants to do) for our world.


Kyan is a web mobile design and development agency who focus on creating digital products to change businesses for the better. We love Kyan’s approach to agency life and especially admire their values of ‘geekiness, generosity and drive’. 


Jago supports people to build their personal brands. Brands are nothing without the people behind them, and speaking up for them. A personal brand can make or break a business, and Jago’s ability to get under the skin of a person and truly tell their story is fascinating. 

Across the Pond

Across the Pond is fully aligned with our core value of ‘humanising digital’ – they strive to ‘make the complex, human’. They are a global, independent creative agency helping tech brands create a better world.

Wildfire PR 

Wildfire PR encourages us to ‘think bold’ and state that ‘the status quo sucks’ – something which resonates with us as a B Corp trying to affect change! 

YoYo Design

YoYo Design is a UX, Design and Development agency with a difference. They create websites that create experience for your users, and focus on engaging, immersing and wowing users with beautiful digital design and excellent functionality. 

Magnus Consulting 

Magnus Consulting are a B2B growth consultancy, identifying better ways to grow businesses. Their strategic mindset and long-term commitment to creating long-lasting, positive change for their clients and employees is something we fully respect.

What is a B Corp agency? 

All of the above companies (and us!) are B Corp certified. This means that we are all for-profit organisations who have been certified by not-for-profit B Lab. Certification takes place every three years and companies have to reach a certain threshold in order to pass. B Corp certification is there to hold businesses accountable to social and environmental standards.