Improve your digital marketing performance with a full diagnostic Digital Marketing Audit.

20 hours of expert analysis for only £500+VAT.

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At Footprint Digital we believe there is nothing your business can’t achieve. We provide direction and digital marketing services that help ambitious businesses achieve growth.

We specialise in revolutionising the performance of a business online. We get results. Every time.

In order to achieve exceptional results, we have to understand you, your business and how your website is currently performing.

We start with an initial consultation (usually by telephone) with you to understand more about the aims and objectives you have for your business.

Then our team of technical marketing experts from the Analytics, SEO, PPC and CRO disciplines spend 20 hours manually reviewing your current digital marketing performance. They are on the lookout for areas that could be radically improved.

The results are presented through a series of reports that combine to make the Digital Marketing Audit.

It is a thorough diagnostic tool that:

  • Benchmarks exactly how your site is performing
  • Presents the size of the potential online market for your business
  • Locates the best places to find your customers
  • Helps define the most effective places to invest your budget
  • Shows how you compare to your competition and areas where you can improve
  • Big issues that hold you back

Using this method, we can fully understand what your business needs and ensure that we make accurate recommendations so we can help you achieve your business goals.

The Digital Marketing Audit also stands alone as a piece of work that you can take away and immediately make improvements yourself or with our support.

If you would like to see an example of the Audit or start the process, please call us on 01206 899517 or contact our team of friendly experts by clicking this text link.

Digital Marketing Audit
Defines how effective your digital marketing efforts are
Turnaround Time:
Completed within 7 Days of request

At Footprint Digital we believe there is nothing your business can’t achieve.

We provide direction and digital marketing services that help ambitious businesses achieve growth.

What Our Clients Say:

“Trustworthy People”
“Specialist Expertise”
“Behave Like Colleagues”
“Drive Results”
through a
“Proven Process”

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What's included:

  • 1) Tracking Audit
  • 2) Google Analytics Audit
  • 3) Initial Keyword Research
  • 4) Keyword Position Benchmark Audit
  • 5) PPC Account Feasibility Audit
  • 6) SEO Technical Audit
  • 7) Competitor Analysis

What the reports tell us:

  • How well set up your tracking is
  • The historical performance of your site
  • Which keywords would generate the most amount of business
  • How your site is currently positioned in search engines
  • Review an existing Google Adwords account or assess the likelihood of success in Google Adwords
  • What SEO technical issues are preventing success in Google
  • How your site compares to your 5 main online competitors

Who is it for?:

  • Those that are responsible for making more money online for businesses
  • Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers and Digital Marketing Executives that want clarity on where they should be investing budgets for maximum impact
  • Established businesses that are looking to grow by at least 20% year on year
  • Those that identify as being 'itchy', 'driven', 'ambitious', 'visionary' or 'frustrated'
  • Businesses with a core focus on the UK Market



“Thank you so much for the Digital Marketing Audit. It was lovely to meet the team and was a very thought provoking and somewhat challenging meeting! I am so pleased we managed to find time and made the investment. I am now clear on the direction we need to take and look forward to working with the Footprint team!”

Anika Patel. Director, Nior London
Anika Patel, NIOR London

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