British Bakels: Cooking up a content hub for this established bakery supplier

25% increase in website contact form submissions.

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'Our relationship with the Footprint team is fantastic. We've been working with them for nearly 3 years now...I've been most impressed with Footprint's SEO Monthly reports. These reports really provide us with an extensive outlook of exactly how our website's performed...but also it provides us with actions, what's coming up for the next month and where is there room for improvement'
Michael Schofield, British Bakels' Marketing Manager

British Bakels first came to us with a desire to increase their online visibility and cement their brand as the online thought leaders in bakery supplies. 

After auditing their website and other marketing comms, our strategy was to conduct extensive keyword research, then work on their navigation and page creation to improve their organic search rankings. 

Once this initial project was complete, the client wanted us to work on an ‘Insights’ content hub with the aim of ranking top for key bakery trends- including up and coming flavours,  packaging, and ingredients. In July 2020, we began researching and producing two ‘Insights’ articles per month.

A key element of our content promotion was an outreach strategy. Our team collaborated with artisan bakers and food bloggers on topics including bakery trends driven by Covid-19, and 3D food printing. 

Key Outcomes: 

    • 25% increase in website contact form submissions
    • 7% uplift in returning traffic to the website
    • 193% increase in traffic to Insights Blog