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  • The Importance of Mobile: Explaining AMP

    Earlier this week, I was on the bus at the end of the day and on the way home. Looking around, I saw that my fellow passengers were a wonderfully diverse bunch of people, but all with one thing in common: they were all locked to their phones, staring intently at the little screens they… Read more »

  • Think with Footprint: Pitfalls and Promises of International Growth

    There are businesses in the UK that are happy remaining within one market. Then, there are businesses that are more adventurous. They’re inquisitive about what other markets can offer them, but often nervous about venturing into a brave new world. Often, they have an idea of which marketplace they want to move into, but they… Read more »

  • Welcome To Footprint: Our First Month

    Back at the start of October, our team was joined by Thomas and Reuben; new recruits fresh out of our Footprint Academy.  Our rookies were out of boot camp and heading towards the frontlines of digital marketing, with the full support of the seasoned foot soldiers that make up the rest of our agency. Now,… Read more »

  • Think with Footprint: Customer Journey Mapping

    The UK is the fourth largest advertising market – behind Japan, China, and the Unites States – spending $24.16 billion in 2016. In 2005, the Guardian conducted a study using technology called Eye Contact, and found that a London Commuter would see or hear more than 130 adverts in one 45-minute journey. Only half of… Read more »

  • Footprint Apprentice Challenge Six: Rival Radio Adverts

    We’ve learnt one important thing about new Relationship Manager, Thomas, this week. He’s very good at keeping secrets. Something you may not know about Thomas is that he’s heavily involved with Radio, presenting shows including ‘I Believe I had a Hat’, ‘Don’t You Want Me Eighties’ and ‘The 50 Hour Rebellion’ – he’s also the… Read more »

  • Helping Recruitment Businesses Structure Themselves to Scale

    On 21st September, Footprint Digital got involved in an exciting morning-long event, aimed at helping recruitment businesses to learn how to structure themselves in order to scale. It brought together some brilliant minds from several different fields, all of whom can have a hugely positive impact on recruitment agencies. As well as our very own… Read more »

  • Think With Footprint: Business Performance Coaching

    At Footprint Digital, two of our key values are that we believe that there’s nothing people can’t achieve, and that we embrace challenges. Our latest Think with Footprint speaker is the epitome of these two things, and we were extremely pleased to welcome her into our offices on Friday 13th October, to hear about her… Read more »

  • SEO Event with the Department for International Trade

    On Thursday 5th October, we were honoured to present to local businesses at a Department for International Trade event near Norwich. Our half-day workshop covered the basics of SEO (search engine optimisation), including training on the strategic thought that needs to be put in before an SEO campaign; how Google works and why search engines… Read more »

  • Brighton SEO: September 2017

    On Friday 15th September, it was time to venture south once again, for the second Brighton SEO conference of the year. We were so impressed with all that the event had to offer in April (including the free ice-cream and hot chocolate…) that we couldn’t wait to go back and glean some more technical pearls… Read more »

  • Footprint Academy Graduation Day (& Apprentice Challenge Five)

    We can’t quite believe that the Footprint Academy has come to an end already! Over the last three months, it’s been such a pleasure to be joined by the interns from the University of Essex, all of whom took on the challenge of jam packed, and sometimes head scratching, sessions extremely enthusiastically. They engaged brilliantly… Read more »

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