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  • Footprint Apprentice Challenge Four: Nachos vs Chocolate Bananas

    The latest showdown of the Footprint Apprentice Challenges took place this last Saturday at Blues and Rock in the Garden – Colchester’s best (and apparently booziest) garden party. This time the ‘Sun Bears’ took on the ‘Hungry Hippos’ in a battle of nachos vs chocolate covered bananas, as the two teams were tasked with producing… Read more »

  • A Student’s Final Day at Footprint

    Today, I walked in the office with a heavy heart as I knew it was my last day at Footprint. Although one week is very short, I feel I have settled in quite well within the office. I entered the office with some chocolates and a card to say thank you for such a great… Read more »

  • A Student’s Fourth Day at Footprint Digital

    Today was probably my most hands-on day at Footprint thus far. We started the day off with a high five meeting whereby the team celebrate winning a client and the sales team discuss any new clients they have acquired. Then began my interviews with the sales team and the relationships managers (coming soon in another… Read more »

  • A Student’s Third Day at Footprint Digital

    I have fallen in love with Footprint Academy. It was my second, and unfortunately last, session of Google Analytics which was again led by Tom J. It can be really easy to make a topic as intense as analytics to seem draining and boring yet, Tom has a way of explaining things that is easy… Read more »

  • A Student’s Second Day at Footprint Digital

    I can confidently say that today was much livelier than yesterday since I was able to be more active and learn a lot more, thanks to the Footprint Academy. Today, I was able to sit in a training session about Google Analytics which was taught by one of the directors of Footprint, Tom J. At… Read more »

  • A Student’s First Day at Footprint Digital

    This week, we have been joined by an extra member of Footprint Digital – Simran, a student from the University of Essex. She is taking part in the Insight Experience – a week long placement where a student gets to observe a local business, getting involved in daily activities, and creating a piece of writing… Read more »

  • A Morning at NetXtra’s Breakfast Club

    This month we were very excited to be invited to join NetXtra at one of their Breakfast Clubs – an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and impart a little of our own knowledge. Also, being a Breakfast Club, we were looking forward to being well fed and watered- did someone say avocado… Read more »

  • Footprint Academy 2017 has Begun!

    We’re extremely excited to say that last week our 2017 Footprint Academy began! The two Toms kicked things off, with two days training on the online marketing mix and building brands online. We all know that too much theory can get a bit boring, so, on Wednesday, we were lucky enough to have one of… Read more »

  • Footprint Digital have a Brand New Office

    We’ve moved! We’re really happy to announce that Footprint Digital have just moved into our new office, at 1-3 Head Street, Colchester. So happy, in fact, that we had to have an ice-cream to celebrate (any excuse). We had hoped to move into the new office in April, but unfortunately, we were still lacking an internet… Read more »

  • Bouchra Baibanou: Living Proof That There is Nothing People Can’t Achieve

    At the beginning of last month, we told you about Bouchra Baibanou, and her dream to be the first African lady to complete The Seven Summits. Well, we are thrilled to be able to say that Bouchra is one step closer to that dream as she has successfully climbed Mount Everest! Footprint Digital is extremely… Read more »

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