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Our team is made up of high achievers; industry leaders; first class undergraduate degrees; masters degree distinctions; and those with 10 years+ industry experience.

We are industry thought leaders, TED talkers, Department for International Trade advisors, academic lecturers, authors, coaches, charity trustees, and broadcasters.

Our aim: to deliver exceptional digital marketing services that help people make more money online.


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Tom Bowden

Tom has been involved in digital marketing for over 15 years; however, his biggest interest in life is providing opportunities for young people in Malawi. He does this as trustee of Building Malawi. During his career, Tom has developed global strategies for clients you will have heard of (Sony, Motorola, Cartoon Network, Google, Legal and General etc etc) and has delivered lectures for universities, trade bodies, and governments. The thing he likes most about running a digital agency is supporting his team to learn, play, and grow both personally and professionally. Find out more about Tom here.

Tom Jepson

Tom has been in the digital industry for two decades, ever since completing a degree in Internet Computing, Computer Science and Electronic Systems Engineering at the University of Essex in the early noughties. Tom was one of the pioneers of the service that is now known as SEO and, through 20 years of experience, he has seen search engines become part of everyday life. His intrinsic understanding of how they work has enabled him to help hundreds of companies thrive online and has made him one of the leading minds in the industry. Find out more about Tom here.

Chris Green
Technical Director

Chris Green has worked in Digital Marketing & Search marketing for the last decade. Chris’s core focuses have been Technical SEO, Web Analytics, Paid Search, and Digital Strategy. He’s an author, experienced Marketer, Strategist, and Technical SEO. Find out more about Chris here.

Rob James
Head of Delivery

Rob joined the team in 2021 after a career spanning over a decade in the industry. He has previously worked with Director, Tom Jepson, and other Footprint team members. Rob is an expert at systemising workflows and improving output. Find out more about Rob here.

Chris Ainsworth
Head of Search

As Head of Search at Footprint Digital since 2015, Chris Ainsworth is a digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) consultant with over 10 years’ experience within the search marketing industry. Chris has the technical knowledge and ability to bring maximum exposure and maximum ROI to businesses of all sizes, providing first-rate technical search marketing consultancy and strategic digital marketing guidance. Find out more about Chris here.

Reuben Marshall
Technical SEO

Reuben is an experienced Digital Marketer who joined the Footprint Digital team in October 2017. Prior to this, he studied History at the University of Essex. His ability to combine a technically minded brain with great interpersonal skills means that he excelled as a Relationship Manager and in December 2019, Reuben was internally promoted to a new role of Technical SEO. Find out more about Reuben here.

Steve Job
Technical SEO

Steve is an experienced Technical SEO working within our Delivery team. He is well practiced in Search Engine Optimisation, User Experience, Magento, WordPress, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), & Sales Management. Find out more about Steve here.

Josef James
Head of Content and Conversion

Josef is a conversion-minded copywriter, with the interpersonal, educational and leadership skills that have seen him take to the Head of Content and Conversion role like a pig to mud. Pre-Footprint, he received a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Essex and went on to become a GCSE & A-Level English Teacher. Find out more about Josef here.

Simran Kabotra

Simran is a competent and creative copywriter who can turn her hand to any style of writing. She is adept at market and keyword research, ensuring that her content is always fully optimised and engaging. She has past experience in marketing for Invest Essex, and has worked in house as a web content writer for an accountancy firm. Find out more about Simran here.

Michael Scanlon
Head of Paid Search

An experienced digital marketer with a long history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, Michael is highly skilled in paid search, and has been the Head of Footprint Digital’s Paid Search department since 2018. Previously, Michael held similar roles including PPC Account Manager, and Head of Paid Search for over five years at High Position, working alongside Footprint’s Directors, Tom Bowden and Tom Jepson. Find out more about Michael here.

Shaakir Ahmed
Paid Search Manager

Shaakir has been part of the team since 2019. He brings a range of strategic and project management skills to his role, gained through numerous qualifications including an MBA from Essex Business School. Find out more about Shaak here.

Jo Bareham
Relationship Manager

Jo is an incredibly enthusiastic and hardworking individual, who is passionate about technology and continuous learning and development. She is a Computer Science graduate from Coventry University, who also has a Masters Degree in Marketing Management from Essex Business School. Find out more about Jo here.

Emeke Onwugbonu
Relationship Manager

A marketing strategist with over five years' experience working with B2B companies, Emeke is highly skilled in marketing communications, heading up sales initiatives, and conceptualizing and implementing targeted B2B marketing strategies and campaigns with extensive brand management, design, digital marketing, and events management proficiencies.Find out more about Emeke here.

Rosie Baker
Relationship Manager

In the Summer of 2019, Rosie completed the Footprint Academy, and accepted a permanent position as a Relationship Manager later that year. Since then, Rosie has applied her extensive knowledge of digital marketing, strategy, and project management to her client accounts. Find out more about Rosie here.

Rhys Chapman
Relationship Manager

Rhys Chapman is a highly effective and dynamic marketing professional with extensive experience in executing 360 marketing campaigns across multiple business types. He is a Business graduate from the University of Essex, with a proven track record of translating problems into innovative, effective and flexible solutions that meet corporate needs. Find out more about Rhys here.

Ed Pentreath
Head of Growth & Maternity Cover for Marketa

Ed joined the team in June 2021, whilst completing an MBA. He already has extensive experience in management, growth and education as a Mathematics Department Lead for Suffolk County Council and hopes to apply his growing understanding of leadership across industries. Find out more about Ed here.

Bailey Bryan
Business Development Manager

Bailey Bryan is a highly-adaptable and accountable professional with expertise in client acquisition, team building, and project management. She has a first class BSc in Management and Marketing from the University of Essex Business School.  Find out more about Bailey here.

Dave Roscoe
Business Development

Dave’s wealth of knowledge and experience around business development and client services spans a long career. Dave joined the Footprint Digital team in 2016 as our Business Development Manager, bringing with him a well honed set of skills to understand what new clients need and how the business can support their growth. Find out more about Dave here.

Alex Eade
Marketing Manager

Alex joined the Footprint Digital team after completion of a bachelor's degree in Politics and Sociology at the University of Warwick, and a Masters in Management from the University of Essex. She completed the Footprint Academy in 2016, before joining the team as Content Manager. She is currently the agency’s Marketing Manager. Find out more about Alex here.

Marketa Benisek
Partnership Development Manager - Maternity Leave

Marketa Benisek leads the way in Footprint Digital’s drive to make the internet more sustainable. Marketa has a first class Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from the University of Greenwich, as well as a Certificate in Direct and Digital Marketing from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing. She is currently on Maternity Leave. Find out more about Marketa here.

Rita Matias
Partnership Development Manager

Rita Matias joined the Partnership Development team in 2020, bringing with her boundless energy, positivity and enthusiasm for the role and for developing strong relationships with partner agencies. She was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from the University of Greenwich, and whilst at the university she set up a Portuguese society and was active in the Marketing society. Find out more about Rita here.

Raffaele Pieroni
Partnership Development Manager

Raffaele joined the Partnership Development team in 2020, after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Digital Industries: Fashion Marketing from the University of East London, and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Greenwich. Find out more about Raffaele here.

Kaya Heaton
Partnership Development Manager

Kaya joined the team in 2021 after achieving first class honours in a BA in European Politics at Kings College London. Whilst at university, Kaya was a contributing writer for an arts and culture magazine, hosted on KCL radio, and assisted in events and communications.Find out more about Kaya here.

Helena Wold
Partnership Development Manager

Helena joined the Partnership Development team in 2021 after completing a masters degree in Management and the Footprint Academy. She is Norwegian, and began her career in social work in Oslo, before deciding to embark on a career and country change, moving to London and forging a path for herself in digital marketing. Find out more about Helena here.

Charlotte Black
Head of People

Charlotte is responsible for all HR and recruitment functions at the agency, growing and supporting our team in Colchester and London. She has degrees in Marketing Communications and Brand Management, and has previously worked in events and content coordination. Find out more about Charlotte here.

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