Website Copy & Content Creation

Show the world what makes your business great and you will attract more customers.

Footprint Digital’s content team specialise in documenting your genius into sharp webpages, whitepapers, blogs, infographics books, and knowledge hubs.

Our digital experts then use the best platforms and formats to share this honey pot far and wide. The result is a hive of activity and customers that stick.

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‘Thank you very much for sending the draft so quickly. It all looks perfect – we are happy with the style and layout of the text’.
Zizzy Bar

Website Copy & Content Creation

Copy can make or break a website. It’s scary, but true.

Not only is it vital for people looking at your website to understand what you’re all about – it’s important for search engines, too.

At Footprint Digital, we employ the very best copywriters and content curators to write copy for you.

Our team of creatives truly have the knack of creating content that fits perfectly with the tone and style of your website and ensure that everything they write is optimised for search engines, too.

They enjoy writing – so that your users can enjoy reading!

Content Products

We have developed a core range of content products that clients can pick and choose from. These can either be integrated into one of our digital marketing packages or treated as a one-off bolt-on.

Once we have created the required content, you will be asked for your feedback and (provided we have been given access to your CMS) we can even upload it for you.

Some of these products are listed below, but get in touch with your Relationship Manager, or a member of the Footprint Digital team, to find out what else we can do for you.

Unique Blogs and Content Outreach

We can write niche blogs for your own website, or create high-quality guest posts for your content marketing needs. Both our blogs and our guest posts are fully researched and written with the user in mind to create something memorable – and hopefully something ‘link-to-able’.

Compelling Website Copy

If you spot a spelling mistake on a website, do you trust it?

If a product description doesn’t make sense, are you likely to buy?

We didn’t think so.

Your website copy is often the first interaction that somebody will have with your brand. If it’s not top-notch, then they may not form the right opinion about you and you could lose out on a sale.

At Footprint Digital, we are well versed in creating copy for a huge range of websites.

We can help you with anything from populating your website with meta descriptions or creating snappy page title tags, all the way up to writing the copy for your whole website. We have experience in creating product descriptions, case studies, optimised document outlines and compelling homepage copy, amongst other things.

Comprehensive Tone of Voice Documents

If you’re just starting out with a new business, or need a helping hand to define your tone of voice, then we can help. We can produce a comprehensive Tone of Voice document that looks at language, vocabulary, values, communication styles and much more, to help you and your team maintain a cohesive and compelling voice for your brand.

Thorough Email Strategies

If you’re strapped for time, or don’t know where to begin with creating a successful email strategy, then the content team can help.

Based on your business, key events, and important themes, we can put together a strategy outlining your key targets and a plan of specific emails that should be sent to them over a period of time.

If you’re really strapped for time, we can even write the emails for you!

To find out more about our copy writing services, please get in touch today!


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