Above all else… give a sh*t

We set up Footprint Digital because we didn’t want to ‘keep clients quiet’. We wanted to do good work and to be the best we could be; to be proud of what we do and push ourselves to grow.

We strive each day to provide the perfect combination of technical expertise and collaborative human relationships to help people achieve things that they never thought possible.

Meet the Team

We believe that there's nothing you can't achieve

Our Director, Tom Bowden, met Bouchra Baibanou on mount Toubkal, Morocco. She explained that she wanted to be the first African lady to climb the 7 summits. Half of the group claimed she was too old and didn’t have enough money to have such fanciful ideas.

At the time the agency was very small and there wasn’t really enough money to go around, in spite of this we persevered and were proud to sponsor her. A little while later she completed her 7th mountain… Everest.

We love Bouchra’s outlook. It is this belief that there is nothing that can’t be achieved that we look for in our team, in our partners, in our suppliers, and in our clients.

Our vision is to help every business in the world achieve more.

We know this is a bold statement, but it’s something we’re working towards by focusing on the following:

Our aim is to build a team that says: “I am proud of my job and am supported to do the best work of my career”

With clients that say: “Thank you for helping me achieve things I didn’t think were possible”

Discover Our Clients

Relationships are the centre of our universe

If we were to draw a diagram of concentric circles detailing what is most important to us, relationships would site bang in the middle. The Sun to our planets, everything we do is dependent on us building exceptional relationships.

Relationships allow us to make things happen and make the job enjoyable. In order for us to be able to help every business in the world achieve more, we will need to be world experts at building relationships.

Meet Our Relationship Managers

Recognised as leaders in the industry

Close links to Google helps us provide opportunities to our clients.

We regularly provide lectures to the students and offer training placements to high achievers.

Our team have contributed ideas worth spreading by delivering talks to TEDx audiences.

Footprint speak on behalf of the DIT to encourage e-commerce exporting.

Our Values

Everyone at Footprint shares the same values. We...

Believe in people and what they can achieve

Encourage people

Believe that together we make it happen

Are proactive, and ask ourselves “What else can I do?”

Take responsibility and take action

Genuinely care

Value relationships and build trust

Embrace challenges

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