Baby Birds: Making website success look like child’s play

4248% ROI for SEO in April 2022

2579% av. return on PPC ad spend from November 2021 – April 2022

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'Footprint Digital helped us to get back on track after we lost a lot of online visibility following a website migration. Not only did they get us back to where we needed to be, their efforts in PPC and SEO have completely exceeded our expectations for return on investment, and helped us to build a stronger brand online.'
Emma, Director of Baby Birds

Baby Birds is a family run business set up in the 1990s. They specialise in high quality baby products and provide invaluable advice and support to parents.

We started working with them in July 2021. They had recently been through a website migration without SEO support, and their website traffic had plummeted.

They also had issues with tracking, as there were multiple Google Analytics accounts associated with the website, all tracking slightly differently. 

Getting them on the right track 

We immediately fixed their tracking issues, so that just one Google Analytics account was being used – this way we could be confident that accurate data was being used to inform marketing and business decisions. 

Increasing visibility and ROI with SEO

During month one, we worked with the Baby Birds team on brand positioning and an SEO strategy. This in depth research and planning period ensured that we got to know their business goals and their brand fully so that our work would feel like an extension and elevation of theirs, rather than a separate entity.

Our content team then started work on Baby Bird’s webpages, starting with the most business critical. Over the first year of the campaign they have optimised 60+ pages.

Our Technical SEO team has worked on internal linking, redirects and broken links. This was partially due to problems from the site migration, and partially because the client often has to ‘turn off’ or remove pages for products that are no longer in stock.

We achieved 4248% ROI on SEO investment in April 2022 and this continues to grow. 

Rebuilding another Agency’s PPC Account 

In November 2021, we took over Baby Bird’s Google Ads account.

Their previous agency had combined ad spend and management fees without clarifying how much budget went into each. They also failed to provide information on strategy or spend to Baby Birds, only providing them with data on sales. We were very uncomfortable about this lack of transparency for the client, and rebuilt their PPC account from scratch.

Immediately, our campaigns were outperforming their previous agency’s ads. The average return on ad spend from November 2021 – April 2022 has been 2579% with impressive increases in generated revenue each month.

We love working with clients like Baby Birds, who trust our judgement and work closely with us to exceed their marketing goals. They have also been kind enough to act as a ‘live client’ for our annual Footprint Academy – where we help university students bridge the gap between academia and the real world of digital marketing.

Key Outcomes: 

Baby Birds are now bringing in the highest revenue in 30 years of business and our team is playing a big part in their success. As or writing, April 2022 was their best month ever and May 2022 beat that! We are averaging over 2,500% ROI across both SEO and PPC and there is constant growth month on month.