Travel Trade Consultancy: Hitting the road with this travel client & our Partner Agency

37% increase in online visibility after 3 months

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'We had a brilliant experience working with the Footprint team on our new website build. They provided excellent explanations all the way through the process, nothing was too much trouble and even better, they were really easy to work with.'
Lucy Dean, Travel Trade Consultancy

Travel Trade Consultancy helps travel businesses find solutions to complex regulatory, financial and strategic problems to save them time, money and resources. They needed a new website as their online presence had a dated look and feel, wasn’t visual enough and was difficult for users to navigate. 

Footprint Activities:

In February 2021, our Partner Agency, Impact Media, brought us in on the project to provide Site Build Support to the client. We quickly got up to speed at a client workshop, performed an in depth wireframe review, collated URLs, reviewed SEO in the staging website, and performed keyword research to help the client understand how to write content around their services. One content opportunity was ‘Atol Consultancy.’ This was important for their target market but not well promoted  on the website and our content team took on the task of writing web page content for their new website. 

The biggest challenge for our team was the segmentation of Travel Trade Consultancy’s pages and understanding who their key market is and how to target them online with new content. 

Key Outcomes: 

The site build was a smooth process and the new website went live in August 2021.  Communication was strong between all parties and we followed our tried and tested site build support process to ensure the new site started out strong. 

3 months post website launch:

  • Overall website traffic had increased by 24%
  • Bounce rate had reduced by 34% on the new site
  • Average session duration had increased by 69%
  • New website users up by 17%
  • Online visibility has improved with 67,600 impressions 3 months post launch compared to 42,500 to the 3 months prior to site launch (37% increase)