DNA Kids: Playing our part(y) in taking this local business nationwide

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'Having Footprint Digital's experience and expertise behind us, gives us the trust and confidence to feel like we can take on the world… and win! I genuinely do not know what we would do without them.'
Darren Bewley, Managing Director

Client Challenges and Objectives

Competition in the children’s party space is huge and standing out from the crowd is hard. Dominating this space has always been the goal for DNA Kids. We have helped them them take a small local business to a regional (and then national) level, as well as pivot their offering during the global pandemic.

Footprint Activities

Initial Campaign: We used SEO to help the client grow throughout Essex and beyond. The team set up multiple local business listings, and developed more of a branded element to their digital marketing. Visibility increased, but that meant competitors were noticing DNA Kids, so we started to use PPC as a tool to stay ahead alongside improving the content, positioning and messaging on the website. 

The Next Level: We used digital marketing more widely, joining the dots between our SEO campaign, text ads, Display and Video, and ensured that information was shared between each discipline to strengthen them all, as well as feeding constant improvement of the DNA Kids website. Search and Display have been used to spread the brand throughout the UK over several years, and methodical testing means we now target locations more strategically. DNA Kids enjoy trying new things – for example, we have utilised our Google Premier Partnership Status to gain access to beta functions on their PPC account, creating image extension ads for text before this was possible for the general public. 

The Covid-19 Challenge

Physical parties were impossible during 2020 and much of 2021. We had previously introduced video marketing meaning DNA Kids could pivot their offering more quickly during the pandemic, offering virtual parties and even performing one in Singapore! Video is now an important tool in our arsenal, and we use it when the client requires an awareness push. Covid-19 led us to switch a catch-all approach with granular targeting. This data driven approach has led to some of our CPA figures being half of what they were in 2019.