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Let’s combine human data with the power of analytics and increase your website’s conversion rate.

Through copy, UX and design (plus a sprinkling of marketing psychology) we’ll make sure your content matches your visitor’s motivation and your return on investment continues to improve.

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“Footprint Digital helped us improve our website conversion rate which has helped us better understand which specific messages and techniques consumers respond well to, leading them to purchase a product. I would highly recommend them.”
Rachel Balm, LIFESAVER systems

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Analytics audit & analysis

Your understanding of your website will only be as good as the data you’re tracking. One of the first things we’ll do is a little digging around your analytics to see if we can join all the data dots. If we can better understand and attribute the numbers in your analytics, the better we can understand and make decisions based on your conversions.

User testing

Analytics can tell you the what and the how of your website visits but it can’t tell you why. Why people make decisions is often irrational, and far more complex than we might first think. The only way to truly understand how your site functionality, design and messaging is really affecting or influencing your visitors is to ask them. User testing does exactly that and leaves you with a set of authentic human feedback to improve your website, app or ad campaigns.

Heuristic evaluation

Conversion heuristics is a principle formulated by MECLABS, and through their user research we’ve put together an evaluation piece that looks at your website through the eyes of real visitors. These evaluations help you to uncover a range of potential tests and fixes to help your website better match your visitor motivations through functionality, design and messaging.

A/B & multivariate testing

Split your traffic and show visitors different page variants without them knowing (and no, it doesn’t impact your site speed). We’ll help you split-test multiple designs to find the better performer. We’ll help you optimise your landing pages, contact forms, products and more. For effective testing, you’ll need a developer to hand and a reasonable traffic level.

UX analysis

From heatmaps, to screen recordings to surveys, we’ll help you implement and measure the visitor experience across your site to make continuous improvements to your functionality, design and messaging.

Conversion copywriting

One of the staple components of conversion rate optimisation is copywriting. Better messaging that doesn’t just match the visitor’s motivation, but guides them through the product, service or whatever it may be with ease, eliminating points of friction to appeal to your readers.

Reports that tell you the important stuff

No 20-page data and stat dumps; you’ll get a considered and concise report that tells you what you need to know. We’ll be there to talk you through the findings, and the proposed next steps so that you’ve got the ammunition and understanding for your superiors, or peace of mind and a sense of direction for your marketing strategy. Hopefully both.