SEO website build support services

Adhere to best practices during your site build so your online business can hit the ground running

Get a team of SEO specialists at your disposal to work alongside your developers during your website build. We will ensure that your new website keeps both your customers and the search engines happy.

Get SEO support for your site build

Don’t hinder your organic growth strategy

Many web developers aren’t fully trained in SEO, and we don’t blame them – they’ve got enough on their plate. However, ensuring your website is search-engine friendly is a vital part of the build process that really shouldn’t be overlooked. 

That’s where we step in. We will work with your developers to ensure SEO best practices are adhered to throughout the site build process and ensure you’re not met by any nasty surprises when your site goes live.

Involving SEO experts early ensures your organic growth strategy can work to its full potential and therefore maximise your return on investment.  

What’s included in our SEO website build support?

We don’t want anybody to have to struggle with a badly built site. Not the owner, and definitely not the user. While we are able to make recommendations to fix existing websites, it’s so much better to simply build a great website from the beginning.

Our site build support package is intended to provide support and help you and your developer to make the right decisions and adhere to best practices throughout the site build process so that when your site goes live, you’re not met by any nasty surprises. Our support packages include:

A build support guide checklist

This guide provides a core list of recommendations to ensure your team has a good knowledge of the fundamentals of SEO: 

  • Content factors 
  • Tracking factors
  • Technical factors 
  • Link generation factors 
  • Roles and Responsibilities

A top performing pages report

We look at the pages that have historically performed well so we can ensure that the most important pages get prioritised 

  • Conversion: which pages have driven the most business?
  • Traffic: review Google Analytics Data for the last 12 months 
  • Link Equity: top-level link audit

A review of the design concepts, sitemap and wireframes

We ensure that the site is built to include Technical SEO requirements such as:

  • Calls to action
  • User experience
  • Sales messages
  • Layout of content
  • Crawlable and related content
  • Menu and navigation structure

A tracking audit

We ensure all methods of visitor conversion & engagement tracking are factored into the development plan. 

  • Search Console 
  • Goals & Events
  • Keyword Tracking 
  • eCommerce tracking
  • Bing Webmaster Tools 
  • Google Analytics/Tag Manager 

And finally, a review staging site

Our staging site reviews the: 

  • Content & Relevancy
  • Indexation & Accessibility
  • Site Architecture & Many more

SEO site build support plan

Get a site build support plan (including a timeline) so you and your team can keep track of exactly what tasks are being completed and when. We focus on numerous technical areas, including:

Combining site build & migration support

Lots of our clients decide to combine our Site Build Support package with Website Migration Support to mitigate the risks as effectively as possible. This means that our team will be on hand to ensure you don’t lose any web authority from your old website and to maximise organic search performance for your new one. To find out more about the benefits of combining these packages, simply contact our experts.

Can you optimise my website for search if it has already gone live?

Whilst we are able to make recommendations to fix existing websites, it will ultimately save you time and money to simply build a great search-friendly website from the very beginning. If your site has already launched and is in need of some TLC, learn more about our SEO package.

Education is at the heart of our site build services

Humanising digital marketing is a key aim for us, and we would love for you to be a part of that. We’ll help you understand our site-build support services, and show you that SEO and site build is no dark art. We’ll tell you what we’re doing and why we’re doing it – keeping it top-level, or getting as detailed as you like. 

To dominate organic rankings and drive business growth, it is important that a search-engine-friendly website is built from the start. We are here to help you with that. 

Based in Essex & London

If you’re looking for a local marketing agency which specialises in SEO support for new website builds, then this could work out! You will always be welcome to walk in and talk with the team. We’re based on Head Street in the centre of Colchester and also have a team based in London offices.