Website Build Support Services

Building a website is fun, but it isn’t easy. Not if you do it right!

So often we see websites that could be better, and the businesses that own them are struggling to attract and convert users because their websites simply aren’t up to scratch.

We don’t want anybody to have to struggle with a badly built site. Not the owner, and definitely not the user.

Whilst we are able to make recommendations to fix existing websites, it’s so much better to simply build a great website from the beginning.

Our site build support package is intended to provide support and help you and your developer to make the right decisions and adhere to best practice throughout the site build process, so that when your site goes live, you’re not met by any nasty surprises.


What’s Included in Site Build Support?

Our technical team and your dedicated Footprint Digital Relationship Manager will work closely with you and your developer throughout the whole site build process, with our services only ending after your website’s go live date. By investing in a site build support package, you will make sure that your website is built in accordance with SEO ‘regulations’ including indexation; crawl-ability; content; keyword targeting; URL structuring and much more.

We provide your developer with our site build guidelines and focus on numerous technical areas including:

  1. Sitemap feedback and recommendations
  2. Desktop and mobile wire frame feedback and recommendations
  3. Manual tracking audit
  4. SEO technical audit
  5. SEO technical recommendations
  6. Pre-launch checks

Combining Site Build and Migration Support

When changing from an old website to a new one, lots of our clients decide to combine our site build support package with website migration support. This means that our team will be on hand to not only ensure that your new website is as good as it can be, but also that you don’t lose any web authority from your old site. If you’re interested in finding out more about combining these packages, simply give us a call!

If you are thinking about building a new website and would like to find out more about our site build support package, then please contact us today.

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