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Choose our industry-leading LinkedIn Ads management services to drive quality clicks, impressions and engagement. We’ll help you tap into the power of LinkedIn’s targeting tools to grow your business and delight stakeholders – with no more wasted budget!

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Use LinkedIn Ads smarter, not harder

LinkedIn Ads are powerful. It’s the world’s top professional platform with over 930 million users at your fingertips. There’s a whole world of professionals out there just waiting to discover your brand. But how do you find them and make sure they convert?

You need a LinkedIn ads agency who knows what they’re doing. Trying to manage campaigns in-house when your resources are already so stretched is asking for trouble. We’re here to take the weight off, so you can focus on managing budgets and overseeing your department’s success – just like you should be.


Our LinkedIn Ads services

Unlock the power of LinkedIn advertising with our expert PPC team. Drive results, gain visibility and boost your brand’s reach on the world’s largest professional network.


Campaign strategy & planning

Get a bespoke marketing strategy that takes into account all other marketing channels. If you’re doing any other marketing activity, such as Google Ads, SEO or Content Marketing – we’ll help meet your business goals quicker using LinkedIn ads. We plan, so you can succeed. 


Goal setting

Whether you’re looking for high volumes of traffic, downloads for your digital products, online enquiries or direct website sales – we’ll set clear goals that are aligned with your business.


Ad creation

Compelling visuals and copy that captivate your audience. Our creative content team will create eye-catching, conversion-focused ads that your audience won’t be able to resist clicking.


Target audience segmentation

Reach the right professionals. We refine your audience, ensuring that your ads reach those most likely to engage and convert. Depending on the strategy, we can be as precise or broad as you like.


Budget management

Leave the numbers to us and maximise your ROI without the hassle. Your campaigns will be optimised for peak performance – ensuring cost-efficient ad spend and no wasted budgets.


A/B testing

LinkedIn ads aren’t a ‘one and done’. Continuously optimising and testing your ads is the only way to find the winning plan. We’re not just a LinkedIn ads agency – we specialise in conversion rate optimisation and apply theories from this discipline to keep your campaigns at the forefront of LinkedIn’s ever-evolving landscape.


Detailed, customised reporting & analysis

Get all the insights that matter to your company. No report will be too simple or complicated – we’ll set it up just the way you want it, so you can make informed decisions and track your ROI. You can then relay the reports to your stakeholders with confidence.


Ready to get started?

Are you ready to hit the ground running with our LinkedIn Ads services? Whether you’re looking to understand your demographics better or streamline your department’s workflow with a clear strategy – let’s make your company more money and your job easier. 

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Currently use other external agencies? 

No problem – we’re happy to liaise with them so we’re all on the same page. We’re a LinkedIn Ads agency that will feel like part of your team.


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How much do your managed LinkedIn Ads services cost?

Prices start from £1100 + VAT as part of our managed PPC services package.


Why choose Footprint Digital as your LinkedIn Ads agency?

  • Technical excellence & plasticity of expertise
  • No charge for phone and email support
  • Become a better marketing manager with our dedication to education
  • Clear, jargon-free reports