Brighton SEO – LinkedIn Advertising

Published on October 12, 2021 by Alex Eade

On the 9th and 10th of September, the brightonSEO in person conference was back! (Just in time because we were starting to run low on branded pens, socks and snacks!)

The Footprint team were all eager to get their hands on tickets to attend the event and learn about the exciting updates around search marketing. Across the 2 days, Hannah, Rhys, Rob, Jo, Emeke, Shaakir and Michael (finally!) attended a variety of talks around technical SEO, social media marketing, keyword research, search intent and many more!

One of the talks that stood out to us was by Kineta Kelsall (@kineets) around ‘Lead Generation on Linkedin’ and how to make the most of the platform to gain worthwhile leads. 

How to use LinkedIn ads to get quality leads

Linkedin is a fantastic place to gain quality leads, particularly for B2B industries because the platform allows marketers to connect and advertise to professionals within select industries. Generally, the cost of advertising on LinkedIn is a lot higher than advertising on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, so it’s particularly important to ensure that the money you choose to invest in LinkedIn advertising is planned to achieve your goals.  

Advertising on LinkedIn

If the main goal of your Linkedin advertising campaign is lead generation, lead gen forms on Linkedin have a 5 times higher conversion rate than standard Linkedin ads.

When using lead gen forms you should:

  • Keep the number of questions on the form to a minimum
  • Have a set of predefined questions
  • Be direct with clear calls to actions
  • Value exchange – you need to offer something valuable to the user in exchange for their contact information
  • Follow up with a polite thank you message once the form has been submitted

How to achieve quality over quantity with Linkedin leads

  1. Show an informational video about your product or service
  2. Retarget your advert to the users who watched your video
  3. Promote your lead gen form

On Linkedin, and social media in general, it is important to be relevant, authentic, consistent and committed to your cause. You must test and learn from your audience and marketing strategy, you need to nurture your community and provide them with content that they find valuable – you can’t just ask for their contact details without providing them with something useful in return!


Now that you know how to use lead generation forms as part of your LinkedIn campaign, make sure that you track your LinkedIn ad conversions. You will need the site-wide insight tag to track what’s happening on your website as a result of your LinkedIn ads, you will also need an event-specific pixel for tracking people who view your thank you page once they have completed your lead gen form. If you have any questions about setting up paid ads or tracking on LinkedIn please feel free to have a chat with us!

By Jo Bareham, Relationship Manager