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Whether you’re new to Google Ads or need fresh eyes on your established account, we’ve got the expertise to create a paid strategy that drives results.

Combining data analysis with thorough industry research, we’ll drive quality traffic to your website, optimise your landing pages for conversions and improve your Return On Investment (ROI).

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Google Partner 2023 B Corp Certified

Your Google Ads account needs to be monitored meticulously. If you’re not careful, you could end up wasting a lot of money for little return. But it’s not fair for this burden to be placed on the marketing manager – with all of your other responsibilities, keeping up with constant plate spinning is impossible.   

Fret not! Our PPC Management Services will take the weight off your shoulders. Together, we’ll drive an ROI that you and your stakeholders will be delighted with.


Maximise your ROAS with Google Ads management

Achieving a good Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is critical. If you’re currently burning through money and struggling to see a return, don’t waste a penny more. Your target audience is out there and ready to buy from you – you just need to know where they are, and how to nurture them to conversion. 


Our Google Ads services

Strategy call: Goal & KPI setting

Your first month with us includes a full PPC audit and strategy call to determine whether existing campaigns need optimising, your whole account needs restructuring, or new campaigns will be launched from scratch. Here, we’ll set SMART goals to work towards and agree on KPIs to track progress transparently. 

Keyword research

Our Google Ads specialists will carry out in-depth keyword research to identify profitable keywords for your marketing goals. Commercial keywords are great for driving direct sales and generating leads, whilst informational queries are best for increasing brand awareness and framing your brand as an authority.

Landing page optimisation

It’s not just about the ads themselves. We’ll also identify poor landing pages on your website and brief our expert content copywriters to fill those conversion gaps. From creating wireframes to diagnosing UX issues, we’re more than happy to liaise with your developer if needed. Just set up the call, and we’ll take it from there.

High-converting ad copy

Our copywriters know how to write ads that your target audience won’t be able to resist clicking. They combine eloquent, concise messaging with a touch of marketing psychology and that all-important human voice to help your ads stand out in the Search Results Page (SERPs). Watch your ad’s Click Through Rates (CTR) drastically increase!

A/B testing

In case you haven’t already guessed, we’re data nerds. We don’t just write ad copy – we continuously A/B test your ads to establish winning variations.  By using data to find what works, we’ll ensure a steady stream of qualified clicks, leads, product sales or revenue (depending on your goals).

Budget planning

Effective budget planning is crucial for Google Ads’ success. Our specialists will allocate your budget strategically so you make the most of every penny.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an absolute must for e-commerce stores. Using advanced algorithms, the platform connects with your Merchant Centre to display your products to the right audience, leading to improved conversion rates and higher average orders. 

Not using Google Shopping equals a whole load of missed revenue. However, setting up is complex and time-consuming, so let us do the hard work for you. 

Display Advertising

Using DV360, we’ll deliver full-funnel performance and simplify the process of managing personalised campaigns, including powerful video, image and text ads. With over 2 million websites on the Google Display Network (GDN), a digital universe of potential customers awaits.

PMAX campaigns

Using the power of machine learning, PMax is a goal-driven type of Google Ads campaign that 

offers many benefits. PMax can uncover untapped opportunities and reveal different kinds of profitable audiences, or help you reach top-of-the-funnel users who are willing to buy your services, but simply aren’t searching for them yet. 

Whilst PMax is AI-heavy, it requires human Google Ads Specialists to drive decisions and make the most of this advanced machine learning. 

Learn how to harness the power of PMax

Transparent, customisable reporting

We use the power of Looker Studio / GA4 to track conversions and bring you transparent reporting without jargon or fluff. You’ll see only the metrics you care about in a simple, digestible format. 


Why choose Footprint Digital?

Human-approach to Google Ads

In a landscape that’s becoming less reliant on humans, we humanise digital and share our knowledge with clients. We don’t just drive results – we teach you as we go, so you can become a better marketing manager.

Discover our approach to humanising digital marketing

PPC and SEO strategies

Many companies keep their PPC and SEO services at arm’s length. We don’t. Our Google Ads specialists work with SEO to complement your marketing strategy and achieve your business goals faster. Whether you sign up for both SEO services and PPC with us, have your own in-house SEO team or use an external agency – we’re happy to liaise with them so we’re all on the same page.

Turvec’s organic traffic increased by 120% with SEO & PPC

Dedicated account management

You’ll have access to your own Relationship Manager who’ll be your central point of contact. They’re responsible for the success of your account and will be in constant contact with your PPC team. You can give them a call or email whenever you like (within business hours!) – there’s no extra charge for this support. 

Google Partner

Choose a Google Ads Agency with the certificates to prove it. We’re a proud Google Partner, meaning we’ve completed the latest Google Ads exams, in 2023. In fact, our whole team completes these exams annually so we’re all up to scratch with the latest changes. From e-commerce stores to service businesses to global manufacturers, we’ve driven outstanding results for hundreds of clients across many industries, and we’re confident we can do the same for you.

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It’s time to make your life easier. No more wasted clicks, no more struggling to report back to stakeholders, and no more Google Ads overwhelm! We ensure that every click is getting you one step closer to your business goals. 

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How much do your Google Ads management services cost?

Our Google Ads Services are part of our PPC Management Services and start from £1,060 + VAT – there may be an additional set-up fee depending on your existing account.  

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