Tree Planting Malawi

Published on December 16, 2019 by Tom Bowden


At Footprint Digital, we believe in creating an environment where our team, clients and partners can learn, play and grow. We wanted to do something a little different this year and instead of spending money on chocolates for our clients and partners, we have planted 100 trees at a school in Malawi. These trees have also been planted with permaculture principles in mind thanks to Eston Mgala, a local permaculture and agroecology advisor.















Why in Malawi?


Tom Bowden, one of our directors, is a trustee and a project manager at Building Malawi. This small, UK based charity has helped built 2 schools and 4 libraries in Lilongwe, Malawi, and is now working to develop Lingadzi Academy – the largest sports complex in the country.



Last Friday, 13th December, in partnership with Building Malawi, young girls and boys from Ascent Soccer planted 100 trees. They were taught how to plant and care for the trees and the importance of protecting them. This will contribute toward creating a nurturing environment and a place to learn, play and grow.


Please help us make a difference


Malawi takes the brunt of climate crisis and is regularly plagued by flash floods  and landslides that are caused by heavy rains. Whilst planting 100 trees may only seem like a very small step, we believe it is part of a larger effort across the globe to fight climate change and to help save our home. 

Please take the time to read more about Building Malawi and consider donating some money toward building a better future for the children and communities in Malawi. 100% of the money that they receive goes directly to the continuous development of the Lingadzi Academy.


You can also watch this video about the work of Ascent Soccer who provide pathways out of poverty for young people in Malawi:



Thank you very much for your time and any donations. Every little help matters and is hugely appreciated.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!