PPC Account Audit Services

Whether you’re looking to reduce your ad costs, improve your quality score or scale up and drive more conversions, our PPC experts will give you invaluable insights & recommendations. Get an easy-to-digest report that’s jargon-free & only contains the data that’s important to your business.

What’s included?

The PPC Account Audit is an individual audit that’s part of our Digital Marketing Audit service. You’ll get an easy-to-digest report that reviews the performance of your paid adverts and your PPC account to date.

Improve your return on ad spend
“Really impressed with the Footprint Digital way. Look forward to working together”.
James Coates, Impact Media

Our technical team use a data-driven approach to help you with:

  • Keyword analysis – Your paid campaigns need the right keywords to ensure high-quality traffic is arriving on your website. We’ll make recommendations on which keywords typically make you the best return and identify any missed opportunities.
  • PPC account structure analysis – Is your PPC account all over the place? An untidy account means it’s harder to find ads and slower to make changes. We’ll make suggestions for optimal navigation to save you time and money.
  • Ad audits – Our PPC experts will review your ad extensions and ad types. We’ll identify their relevance and make suggestions on improving CTR with data-backed changes that are proven to work.
  • Budget reviews & bidding optimisation – Is your budget going to good use? Or is it being wasted? Our PPC experts review if your budget’s being wasted on irrelevant queries. Or it may be the case that your campaigns simply need more budget to thrive. Get technical analysis of your current bidding strategy and learn where/how to make improvements.
  • Conversion tracking analysis –  Is your conversion data accurate? We’ve seen many accounts suffering from unknown discrepancies that need to be fixed. Our experts ensure your conversions are tracking correctly, the right attribution rules are set up and that any automated bidding strategies are working. 
  • Performance reviews – It’s important to understand why your PPC account is being audited. Are you looking to improve cost-effectiveness? Reduce costs? To find ways to expand and drive more conversions? Or, has it become too big and unmanageable? Reviewing the performance of your campaigns will reveal where untapped opportunities lie. Focusing on key performance indicators, we’ll assess how well your account is doing. You’ll also get an insight into what the account could deliver if you were looking to sign up for a managed PPC service
  • PPC recommendations – We’ll make recommendations based on years of research and technical expertise. Ensure your budget is spent wisely, that your ads are reaching the right people, and that you’re not missing out on any opportunities (and trends/features).  

Why get my PPC account audited?

Without an audit how do you know you’re tracking the right data? Around 85% of PPC accounts we audit aren’t tracking the right data for their business! We delve into the data to give you answers. Our investigation varies depending on which platform your campaigns are being run through, as Google Ads and Facebook fundamentally have different needs. But you’ll get answers to the following questions (the principles are applied to all advertising platforms):

  • Are you accurately tracking when users buy/contact/convert from your adverts?
  • Are there clearly defined budgets?
  • Are the campaigns set up with appropriate bidding strategies? 
  • Are the campaigns set up with appropriate audiences/keywords in mind? 
  • Is the account set up with appropriate network targeting? 
  • Do your adverts offer clear value to the audience?
  • Is the landing page compelling? 

What can happen if I don’t get my PPC account audited?

Each element of your Paid Search account which is not optimally performing will affect all areas of non-performance.

Even issues which seem small in isolation can have a significant impact on your whole account.

To identify areas of improvement and ensure success with your paid strategy, it’s critical to get your PPC data audited. As your account grows bigger, your campaigns become disorganised and harder to manage. Particularly if you have just one PPC manager looking after your account.  

Get your PPC account back on track

The good news is that getting a team of experts (lead by our Head of Paid Search, Michael) to identify these errors quickly pays for itself! Fix any errors, direct more resources into what’s working for you, and allow your Paid Media Manager to refocus.

Will I get my PPC account findings explained?

Dave or Bailey will sit down with you (virtually or in person – whatever works for you) to talk through our findings and how we can create a plan of action to help you make more money.

How do I get started with a retainer?

It’s easy to get set up if you’d like to work with our technical team on a monthly retainer basis. Once we’ve discussed our audit findings with you, we’ll advise on whether you’d benefit from just Paid Search Management or a combination of paid search and Search Engine Optimisation services.

How much is the service?

Our PPC Account Audit is just one part of our extensive Digital Marketing Audit service which is £750 plus VAT. 

Learn more about Digital Marketing Audits

Find out how to get the most out of a Digital Marketing Audit. You’ll get to view snapshots of the report and answers to any technical questions you may have. An audit is only as good as the actions you take afterwards, so ensure you’re putting these invaluable insights to use. Whether that’s creating your own digital strategy or signing up for a retainer, we’re here to help.

It’s time to take the first step and get a breakdown of your PPC account.

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