Website Competitor Analysis

Revamp your digital marketing strategy and overtake your online competitors. Learn how to do better – and be better.

First, let us present you with an analogy. An old joke about outrunning a bear. 

Two campers hear a bear and one starts running. “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear.” says the other. “I don’t have to. I just have to outrun you.” is the reply. 

That’s our way of demonstrating everything is relative within marketing. Your digital marketing and website don’t have to be perfect – but it does have to be better than the rest.

Outshine Your Competition
“Thank you so much for an illuminating and thought-provoking session yesterday. This insight into our competitors was especially useful”.
Rosalie Lawrence, Strippers Paint Removers

Stay one step ahead

Now, let’s move on to how you can be better. Our competitor analysis is one of the reports you’ll get as part of our Digital Marketing Audit service.  The audit tells you which areas of marketing to focus your time, energy and resources on for the best returns. 

What’s included in the competitor analysis service?

You’ll get an in-depth analysis of your website and your competitors. Discover which areas are good, and which areas have opportunities for improvement. 

Our technical team review many areas, including:

  • Homepage
  • Value propositions
  • Product or service pages
  • Contact form usability 
  • Calls to Action (CTAs) & their quality

You’ll then get a handy, easy-to-digest document which answers the following questions:

  • Which websites provide the best first impressions – yours or your competitors?
  • Whose site presents products and services in the best way – and why?
  • Which website is fundamentally easier to buy/convert from?

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The report gives you so much more. You’ll get invaluable insight into your website experience and any areas of friction. 

Once equipped with this new-found knowledge, you can lead a lively discussion with the rest of your team. Discuss where opportunities lie and form the basis of an actionable digital marketing strategy

If you need support creating actions, our team will be more than happy to lead the strategy (on a retainer basis). This can be consultancy, strategy and/or delivery work that’s carried out by the same technical team.

Will I get the results explained?

Dave or Bailey will sit down with you (virtually or in person) to talk through our findings and discuss a plan of action. 

How do I get started with a retainer?

It’s easy to get set up on a monthly retainer. Once we’ve discussed the audit’s findings with you, we’ll advise on whether you need managed SEO, PPC services or both!). Then we’ll guide you through every step for a smooth process. 

How much is it?

The competitor analysis report is part of our Digital Marketing Audit Service which is £750 plus VAT for over 27 hours of analysis. You will recieve a series of reports compiled by our technical experts and delivered by either Dave or Bailey

Learn more about digital marketing audits

Find out how to get the most out of a Digital Marketing Audit. You’ll see snapshots of the report and learn exactly what’s involved. Remember, an audit is only as good as its actions. Ensure you’re taking the right follow-up steps – whether that’s creating your own digital strategy or signing up for a retainer. 

It’s time to take the first step and start dominating the online space.

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