Website Tracking Audit for Digital Marketers

The first step to a successful digital marketing campaign is to find out where best to focus energy and resources for the fastest and best returns; however, if you’re not tracking the right data you can’t begin to work out what works for you and what doesn’t. This is where the Tracking Audit, as part of the overall Digital Marketing Audit, comes in.

The Digital Marketing Audit is best thought of as our inspection of your brand’s marketing. Our technical team investigates what is working, what isn’t working and ultimately where things can be improved. This enables us to build a strong picture of the whole and equip us with lots of useful data to inform decision making. 

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“You really impressed everyone with what you found and everyone's now on the same page. This will make my job so much easier!”
Elizabeth Halbesma, 4C Offshore

In the Tracking Audit we will check your current data collection and analytics platforms to see if they are configured correctly. We will also make suggestions of other platforms you should be using for tracking, and what you should track. 

We always advise setting up tracking to capture everything you can. Even if you do not use all of the information that you collect now, it may become useful in the future. 

We will look at the following questions to assess how well set up your website tracking is. 

  • Is Google Analytics (GA4) set up properly? 
  • Is Google Search Console verified? 
  • Is eCommerce tracking (if appropriate) set up? 
  • Is phone call tracking set up? 
  • Have you set up filters for bots, spam, multiple views in GA?
  • Are “mailto:” events configured? 
  • And much more. 

Checking that these things are set up to track your data precisely is vital for any successful marketing campaign. Before any accurate reporting can occur, and logical decisions can be made, tracking must be in place. 

The Tracking Audit is just one of many important reports that you will receive in your Digital Marketing Audit from our technical team. These are the same people who would also be responsible for working on your account if you decide to join us on a retainer basis for SEO, PPC, or a combination of our services. Once completed, a member of our team will sit down with you (virtually or in person) to talk through our tracking findings (as well as our findings for all of the other included reports) and discuss a plan of action to get your digital marketing working harder and better for you.

Will I get my tracking findings explained?

Absolutely! We won’t leave you high and dry with a report of recommendations and nobody to talk you through them and help you make sense of them. Dave or Bailey will sit down with you (virtually or in person – whatever works for you) to talk through our tracking findings as well as our findings from all of the other DMA reports, and how we can create a plan of action to help you make more money.

How do I get started with a retainer?

It’s really easy to get set up if you’d like to work with our technical team on a monthly retainer basis. Once we’ve discussed our Digital Marketing Audit findings with you, we’ll advise on whether you’d benefit from just Paid Search Management or a combination of paid search and Search Engine Optimisation services and you can decide from there. There is absolutely no obligation, so please don’t worry about having to avoid the hard sell when you go into your DMA meeting with Dave or Bailey – they will just be excited to share our findings with you! 

How much is the service?

Our Tracking Audit is just one part of our extensive Digital Marketing Audit service which is £750 plus VAT. This is all carried out by our technical experts who really know what they’re talking about and have worked on countless accounts for clients across a huge range of industries – so whatever you’re trying to achieve online, they’ll have the skills to help. 

Learn more about Digital Marketing Audits

Find out how to get the most out of a Digital Marketing Audit. You’ll get to view snapshots of the report and answers to any technical questions you may have. An audit is only as good as the actions you take afterwards, so ensure you’re putting these invaluable insights to use. Whether that’s creating your own digital strategy or signing up for a retainer, we’re here to help.

If you are interested in our audit process, or would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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