Keyword Research & Position Benchmarking Audit

The first step to a successful digital marketing campaign is to find out where best to focus energy and resources for the fastest and best returns. This is where the Digital Marketing Audit (DMA) comes in. The Keyword Research and Position Benchmarking audit is just one small part of the whole DMA report that you will receive, and it focuses on how well your website is ranking right now in Search Engine Results Pages, and where the opportunities are.

The Digital Marketing Audit is best thought of as our inspection of your brand’s marketing. Our technical team investigates what is working, what isn’t working for your website and ultimately where things can be improved. This enables us to build a strong picture of the whole and equip us (and you!) with lots of useful data to inform decision making.

Let's benchmark your keywords
“At last, an agency that challenges us. You've really made us think differently about the way we present our business”.
Danny Blundell, Osborn Glass

What are keywords and why are they important to audit?

‘Keywords’ are the words (or phrases) people type in when searching for things online. Keywords are one of the foundations of any digital marketing strategy. Identifying popular keywords helps you to understand the ways in which people may find you, your products and services. This knowledge will help you focus your content, on-page optimisation (SEO) and how you target paid search (PPC) campaigns. 

The Keyword Research and Position Benchmarking Audit

The Keyword Research and Position Benchmarking Audit is one of the individual audits that goes into the overall Digital Marketing Audit. The goal of keyword research is to understand which keywords may be important for your business. It will also help you understand where you sit within the current market and what you could achieve. 

At this stage, it is intended to be a snapshot to give you an insight. Whilst thorough, it is not an exhaustive piece of research designed to form the campaign strategy (this comes later). The basic steps to finding the right keywords to use in your marketing efforts include answering the following questions, along with many more: 

  • What would your users type into Google to find you?
  • What do your customers call your service/ product?
  • What keywords are you already using on the website?
  • What keywords are your competitors using? 

With this information, we use specific tools to discover related keywords and the estimated monthly search volume for them. This data provides the ‘size’ of the market, with which you can then approximate the traffic that this will drive to the website if you rank in position 10, five or even that ever-prized position one. 

Once we have this data, we refine this list and then benchmark where you are currently ranking for each keyword within Google. With this you will see how many of these keywords are on the first page for a Google search (positions 1-10), second page (positions 11-20), third page (positions 21-30), fourth page (positions 31-40) and beyond. Anything ranking on page two usually provides the greatest opportunity to drive additional traffic in the shortest time. We will look at those areas where results can be delivered fastest alongside working on a plan for long term success and improvement. 

The data collected through auditing is an important indicator for the current health of your online visibility, helps our SEO and Content teams to understand where to invest their time, and can be used as a benchmark for future improvements. Understanding your website’s most important keywords is also vital for strong PPC work and for creating PPC landing pages that convert. 

Will I get my tracking findings explained?

Absolutely! We won’t leave you high and dry with a report of recommendations and nobody to talk you through them and help you make sense of them. Dave or Bailey will sit down with you (virtually or in person – whatever works for you) to talk through our keyword benchmark findings as well as our findings from all of the other DMA reports, and how we can create a plan of action to help you make more money.

How do I get started with a retainer?

It’s really easy to get set up if you’d like to work with our technical team on a monthly retainer basis. Once we’ve discussed our Digital Marketing Audit findings with you, we’ll advise on whether you’d benefit from Paid Search Management, Search Engine Optimisation, or a combination of both and you can decide from there. There is absolutely no obligation, so please don’t worry about having to avoid the hard sell when you go into your DMA meeting with Dave or Bailey – they will just be excited to share our findings with you! 

How much is the service?

Our Keyword Research and Position Benchmarking Audit is just one part of our extensive Digital Marketing Audit service which is £750 plus VAT. This is all carried out by our technical experts who really know what they’re talking about and have worked on countless accounts for clients across a huge range of industries – so whatever you’re trying to achieve online, they’ll have the skills to help. 

Learn more about Digital Marketing Audits

Find out how to get the most out of a Digital Marketing Audit. You’ll get to view snapshots of the report and answers to any technical questions you may have. An audit is only as good as the actions you take afterwards, so ensure you’re putting these invaluable insights to use. Whether that’s creating your own digital strategy or signing up for a retainer, we’re here to help.

If you are interested in our audit process, or would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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