Google Analytics Audit Service

Ensure your Google Analytics account is set up properly and optimised to track and gather the right data for your digital marketing department and beyond.

Benchmark my Google Analytics
“So much information and all very constructive. We've already started making changes on our site”.
Dom Hampton, Attend2it

What’s included in the Google Analytics audit?

The Google Analytics Analysis is an individual report that’s part of our Digital Marketing Audit service. But before we work on your audit, we need to understand your business goals and objectives. This helps us learn what data is and isn’t valuable to your business. 

Then, our technical team review the following:

  • Account structure – Ensure your account, properties and views have been set up correctly. If not, we’ll suggest areas of improvement.
  • Filters – Get a review of how your filters (if any) are working. If no filters are being used, we’ll make recommendations based on your business needs. Our checks also include spam traffic filtering and IPs.
  • Basic settings – Check that all your basic settings are set up correctly – (such as internal search tracking). Whilst this sounds simple, it’s something we find is often overlooked!
  • Content & channel groupings – Ensure content groupings have been properly set up. We’ll recommend how to improve the accuracy of these.
  • Tracking configurations – This is critical. Your revenue and business performance must be lined up. If there’s a disconnect, we’ll investigate what’s happening, why it’s happening and propose what can be done.
  • Event & goal set up – Ensure all goals are firing and working correctly (and not being overused!)
  • Missing data – Are you seeing a lot of (not set) or (other) fields in your reports? This means you’re missing data. And missing data is a huge problem. It means you’re only seeing a small glimpse of the whole picture, so it needs rectifying ASAP. But we can help you with that!

Don’t worry, your report will be laid out in an easy-to-digest format without jargon. We break down the complexities to bring that much-needed clarity to your data.

Once you’ve got the audit, you’ll be able to answer the following questions: 

  • Where is your website traffic coming from? (e.g. a referral from another site, Google search, direct visit, paid ad)
  • Which traffic sources are driving the most revenue?
  • How long do your visitors typically stay on your site? 
  • What actions they have taken? 
  • Which web pages are letting your website down? 
  • Is your mobile experience engaging for users? 
  • Should you translate your site into other languages? 
  • Is your content ‘helpful’?

Why do I need an audit of my Analytics?

Google Analytics is often too powerful and overwhelming for its own good. There is endless data which can be refined and viewed in a myriad of different formats.

Without getting an audit carried out by technical experts, you’re at risk of using incorrect figures or misinterpreting reports. This could be detrimental when using data to inform decisions and create a digital strategy. You may carry on pouring time and money into a strategy that simply isn’t working. 

Start making sense of the data

But we’re here to humanise these scary numbers so you can make better decisions. Choose our Google Analytics audit and get the answers you’re craving. You’re free to take the audit away and act on it as you please, or sign up for a monthly retainer. You’ll get a dedicated team of experts who’ll work in tandem to achieve your business goals. Once you’ve identified what works, your digital strategy will become unstoppable.

How do I get started with a retainer?

Getting set up on a retainer is easy. We’ll discuss our findings and advise on whether you’d benefit from managed SEO, PPC services or both!). The full Digital Marketing Audit is designed to give you clarity about what’s needed and gives you (and any higher management) the all-important peace of mind that they’ll know when to expect results.

How much is the service?

Our Google Analytics audit is just one part of our full Digital Marketing Audit service which is £750 plus VAT for over 27 hours of expert analysis.  

Learn about the Digital Marketing Audit

Find out how to get the most out of a Digital Marketing Audit. View snapshots of the report and get answers to technical questions. An audit is only as good as the actions you take afterwards, so ensure you’re putting these invaluable insights to use. Whether that’s creating your own digital strategy or signing up for a retainer, we’re here to help.

Looking for Analytics training instead?

Whether you’re looking to learn GA4, or are a complete Analytics beginner, we have the technical expertise to teach you everything you need to know

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