Drive rapid growth with expert Facebook Ad management services

Our team has 30+ years of combined experience in delivering powerful ads across Facebook, Messenger and the Audience Network. 

Whether you’re looking to attract more customers, drive rapid growth for your company or both – we’ll help you achieve things you didn’t think possible.

B Corp Certified Google Partner 2023

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Drive your Facebook Ad strategy forward 

When executed properly, Facebook ads are an absolute game-changer. There are around 2.7 billion users with an active Facebook account –  that’s a whole lot of people!

Targeting passive and active audiences widens your net and attracts customers into any stage of the funnel, so they land on the right page, at the right time.

However, not having a proper steer on budgets or creatives can easily waste thousands

Whether you’ve previously tried Facebook ads and they ‘weren’t right’ for your business, or you’re looking to start from scratch, we’re here to create and drive your paid social strategy forward. 

Our Facebook Ad management services

A Facebook strategy that delivers

Our experts will command and drive your Facebook ad strategy forward. We start by establishing clear expectations and setting ambitious (yet realistic) goals, depending on your business’s needs. 

Whether that’s improving ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) or reducing CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), you’ll get a clear plan of action that details exactly when and how we’ll meet your goals.

Thorough audience research

Precise targeting needs precise research. We don’t drive straight in. We’ll treat your budget like our own, so you’re not wasting a penny on audiences that won’t be interested. 

Targeting the right  audiences is at the heart of our strategy. Whether they’re ready to buy or are in the information-gathering stage, we’ll identify their wants, needs and desires to create ads that resonate.

Expert support with creatives

People don’t read ads. They read what they’re interested in – and sometimes that’s ads. Our content team crafts compelling ads that will pique your target audience’s interest and encourage them to take action.  Hit them with the right messaging, and watch your conversion rate soar.


Need images or videos? We can source images for you, create infographics or recommend you one of our creative partners for photos or videography.


Landing page optimisation

It’s no good paying for loads of users to land on a page that isn’t working at its best. Why settle for good when the page could be excellent?

When reviewing content, our team consider 3 key areas:

  • Motivation
  • Credibility
  • Clarity

If you fall short in any of these areas, we’ll offer strategic recommendations to fill those conversion gaps. This could be adding social proof, re-writing copy to evoke emotion or improving the CTA. 

Get ready for your landing pages to work harder than they ever have before.

Learn how to sharpen your copywriting skills

Facebook ads optimisation

Even the best ads will run their course, so we make sure we’re always refreshing ad copy so they’ll never expire. Our team always strives for maximum performance at all times and never settles for less.

Split testing

Test, test, test… and again, test. We are testing nerds. And we test everything

From ad copy to creatives to landing page content, we’ll continuously test different messaging advert formats until we find the winning formula.

Powerful, bespoke Facebook reporting

Our custom Facebook Ad reporting can be as detailed or granular as you like. However you like to receive reports and consume data, we’ll make reporting a breeze, so you and your stakeholders are crystal clear on performance.

Ready to get started?

Whether you’re struggling to recreate your competitor’s paid social success or you’re unable to achieve a sustainable ROAS, we’ll execute a money-making Facebook strategy to help your company expand. 

Let’s discuss how our Facebook Ads management services can start driving rapid growth for your company.

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Why choose Footprint Digital?

Humanising digital

With AI copy taking over social media, only real human Facebook specialists can make your ads stand out from the crowd. 

We keep digital marketing human by sharing all our knowledge with you, so you fully understand every decision we make. We don’t just drive results – we teach you as we go.

Help make a difference

Being a B Corp marketing agency means we use our business as a force for good.  We give away 1% of all revenue to charitable causes and have planted trees with Building Malawi. So if you choose us to manage your Facebook ads, you can feel good knowing you’re making a real difference. 

Dedicated account management

You’ll get a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be your main point of contact. They’re responsible for the success of your account and will be in constant contact with your Facebook Ads Specialist.

Feel free to message and call them whenever you like (within business hours!).

Full digital strategy

Our experts don’t just specialise in Facebook Ads – we’ve got 80+ years of combined experience working in  PPC, SEO, Content, and Conversion Rate Optimisation. We deliver complete digital marketing strategies that achieve your goals quicker. 

How much do your managed Facebook Ads services cost?

Facebook Ads are part of our PPC Management Services and start from £1,100 + VAT (there may be an additional set-up fee depending on your existing account).