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Drive more organic website traffic and product sales with our ecommerce SEO services. 

With decades of combined experience and our dedication to educating, you’ll increase product sales for your company and become a better marketing manager.

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‘Having Footprint Digital’s experience and expertise behind us, gives us the trust and confidence to feel like we can take on the world… and win! I genuinely do not know what we would do without them.’
Darren Bewley, DNA Kids Managing Director

Help your products get found

Are you a marketing professional trying to spin many marketing plates?

Does your company have products that you know should be flying off of the shelves, but no one can find them?

Are you finding Google Analytics overwhelming and struggling to report back to stakeholders?

Are you finding it hard to explain why products aren’t selling?

Are you having to rely on paid ads to bring in any amount of reasonable traffic? 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it sounds like you need our ecommerce SEO services.

These are all very common scenarios amongst in-house marketing teams. And it gets more difficult the more products your website has (it’s not uncommon for websites to have over 100,000 SKUs!) – one person can’t be expected to manage this alone.

Whether you oversee marketing operations for a manufacturer that’s itching to grow or work for a distributor that’s struggling to get found on Google, we’ll help you climb the search engines so you can start increasing that all-important bottom line.


Our eCommerce SEO services

Let’s take a look at what we offer.

Ongoing technical support

Running an eCommerce store without Technical SEO input is a recipe for disaster. Your website needs to be found by search engines and give your visitors a good user experience. We help you do this by implementing:

  • Product schema markup. Give the search engines more information about your products such as price, availability, and rating.
  • A clear and logical site structure. Without this, search engines can’t properly crawl and index your pages. You need a clear hierarchy of categories and sub-categories, and a consistent URL structure for your products.
  • Pagination. If you’ve got lots of products, you’ll need pagination. This helps to break them into smaller groups – making it easier for both the search engines to crawl and visitors to navigate your site. 

We’ll also ensure your eCommerce site is free from broken links, duplicate content, and other technical issues.

Product page optimisation

Our content team is well-equipped to craft the perfect SEO copy for your product pages. The difference between us and many other eCommerce SEO companies is that we write for the user – which not only has infinite SEO benefits but safeguards you against future Google algorithm updates. We ensure your website provides helpful content for your visitors – content that they WANT to engage with, and isn’t generic copy that lacks warmth and character. Product descriptions need to be written with emotive intent to convert.

Category page content

Your category pages need to target the right keywords, highlight your USPs, showcase the wonderful products they’ll find in the category and encourage your visitors to take action with compelling Calls To Action (CTAs). Without these strong motivating factors, you’re likely to see many visitors exit the page without clicking on anything (and a high exit rate!).

Conversion rate recommendations

Depending on your niche, our team may recommend changes to improve your conversion rates. These could be upselling opportunities, related products, product reviews and product sorting/filtering. All of these factors will help improve your conversion rate and drive more sales. Unlike other agencies we don’t just focus on keyword rankings – we also ensure your new traffic is taking the action you want them to take at the right stage of the buyer’s journey. Any opportunities we spot for conversion optimisation – we’ll recommend it! 


Why choose an ecommerce SEO agency?

Sell more products

If you’re not investing in SEO, you’re likely costing yourself more and more money with missed sales. Visitors are out there looking for your products and ready to buy, but if they can’t find your site, they’ll simply go to your competitor’s instead. 

Improve organic visibility

51% of product searches start on Google. How are your ideal customers going to find you if you’re not ranking for your target keywords?

Ensure analytics is set up properly

Without technical input, how do you know your Analytics is set up properly? And how can you measure organic success if you aren’t tracking your data effectively? 

Did you know Universal Analytics is moving to GA4 this year? If you don’t act fast you’ll lose all of your historical data! Don’t worry, our SEO experts can migrate your Analytics as part of your SEO retainer, or we can teach you GA4.

Safeguard against Google Algorithm updates

Google release mini updates daily, and big updates at least a few times a year. It’s hard to keep up with this solo, but that’s where we come in. We keep up with the latest SEO news and industry insights for you. And unless you have technical SEOs managing your eCommerce site, you could get hit hard – or even ‘de-ranked’ in extreme circumstances. 

Make more money

Investing in SEO is affordable when you consider the money you’ll make back on the increased traffic and sales. SEO is a long-term strategy that, when done properly, results in profitable sales funnels that guide your site visitors through the purchasing stages – from awareness right through to converting.

Keep track of the right metrics

To ensure your eCommerce SEO strategy is working, you need to be tracking the right metrics. We’ll set up and track: 

  • Organic revenue & transactions
  • Assisted organic conversions
  • Organic user lifetime value (ULV)
  • Average basket value

These are just a few examples of metrics we set up for eCommerce clients – ultimately your business goals will determine the right metrics for you. 

Save time

SEO is time-consuming, and with all the other responsibilities that fall on the responsibility of the marketing manager, you simply don’t have the time to keep on top of it. It also requires a high degree of technical knowledge from dedicated experts who can offer the right advice and implement fixes. To benchmark your site’s technical compliance against known ranking factors, check out our Technical SEO Audit service.

Stop relying on paid ads

The digital world is too risky and unpredictable to rely on a single marketing channel. It’s essential you diversify to ensure a steady stream of revenue, as there will always be situations that are out of your control. Instead, we work with the paid media services team in tandem to create an overall digital marketing strategy that drives the best results. SEO and PPC should complement  each other – not compete. 

Become a better product marketing manager

Impress your stakeholders, and finally get answers to those tricky questions.  Plus, you’ll learn as you go and you’ll get a free copy of Shoot The HiPPO when you sign up for our monthly SEO retainer!


It’s time to take the first step

What separates us from other eCommerce SEO agencies is our technical expertise, dedication to education and data-backed approach. No marketing manager should have to face it alone – let’s work together to achieve your professional goals and sell more products organically.

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How much do your ecommerce SEO services cost?

Ecommerce SEO is part of our managed SEO services – starting at £1800 plus VAT per month. For this, you’ll get:

  • No charge for phone support
  • A human approach to digital marketing with no jargon or fluff
  • Clear reports that work for you & your business goals
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager
  • A team of SEO and Content experts