Podcast – What a Marketeer Needs to Know about SEO in 2020

Published on February 26, 2020 by Alex Eade

Education is a huge aspect to everything that we do here at Footprint Digital, and we love any opportunity to get out there and spread knowledge about all things digital marketing. Chris Green, our Head of Marketing Innovation, is often found on a stage, in front of an audience, or on a video-based worldwide conference, and he was recently invited by Brightvision to take part in the latest instalment of their podcast, Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Tech Companies.

Hosted by their CEO, Jakob Löwenbrand, Chris discussed a number of topics across the show, which runs to just a smidge over 30 minutes – pretty good for Chris, as he loves talking about this stuff and could do it for hours (in fact, in the office he often does!). On the menu of chat for the recording session was a quick look back at the world of SEO in 2019, including how important BERT is for the world of search, as well as looking ahead as well to 2020 and the key things to look out for.

After going over the key areas to focus on to get the best gains and best links, Chris and Jakob moved on to one of the most treacherous periods of a website’s life cycle: migration. Chris has spoken before about what can happen when a migration goes wrong or doesn’t get given enough love, and on the podcast he also explored why it’s important to get the experts in early in the process of moving to a new website, rather than just before it launches – or even worse, after it’s gone live and lost most of the organic traffic. Disaster!

Chris thoroughly enjoyed being part of the podcast and chatting with Jakob, and you can hear the whole discussion below.