Essential Technical SEO Learnings from 120+ Site Migrations

Published on November 3, 2019 by Chris Green

In this week’s Bitesize we ran through some of my essential learnings from my career of migrating websites & sparked some lively debate around the subject.

Site Migrations

Site migrations are the most important part in any website’s lifecycle, yet as a process it’s one I’ve seen mishandled many times. In my career I’ve worked on migrations (changing protocol, moving domain or new launches) well over 120 times and this has given me a chance to see a thing or two. What works, and importantly what doesn’t!

The Slides

Want to Share Your Experience or Know More?

Have you had a migration experience you wanted to forget? Or perhaps have one in the planning stages and you’d like a second opinion? You can reach me on Twitter (my DMs are open), LinkedIN, or contact us here.