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Footprint Digital’s Top SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimisation is what we do best, and we think its most probably the best thing since sliced bread (in the digital marketing world anyway). Over our years of SEO-ing, we have come across several tools that are also probably better than sliced bread (unless that sliced bread has been toasted and covered in… Read more »

Google’s Speed Update: How will it Affect You?

Page speed is something that we talk about quite a lot here at Footprint Digital. This is because the time it takes for one of your webpages to load, and for all of its content to be displayed, has been a search engine ranking factor for a long time – since April 2010. Search engines… Read more »

The Importance of Mobile: Explaining AMP

Earlier this week, I was on the bus at the end of the day and on the way home. Looking around, I saw that my fellow passengers were a wonderfully diverse bunch of people, but all with one thing in common: they were all locked to their phones, staring intently at the little screens they… Read more »

Backlinks: The Ranking Factor That Everyone Needs to Take Note of

Here at Footprint Digital, we keep our nose to the ground, sniffing out changes in Google’s algorithms (as well as other search engines – we still care about you Bing!), and keeping up with SEO trends and changes. One thing that hasn’t changed for a long time is the importance of backlinks. This article is… Read more »

What’s The Deal With Online Reviews?

The Problem With Trust Trust is the most important thing to most businesses. The trust of clients, customers, and consumers. The trust of stakeholders. The trust of shareholders. The trust of the general public. Nobody is in any doubt that without trust, a business would probably have to cease doing business fairly quickly – either… Read more »

How to set up a Google My Business Listing

How to add or claim your business on Google Adding or claiming your business on Google is easy, and it’s a really important way for you to show that you are a legitimate business to users searching for you. How to verify your local business listing on Google Useful links to help you get your… Read more »

Footprint Digital’s Blog About Blogging

The blog. A lot of companies have them, not a lot of companies make use…

HELP! – Googlebot Cannot Access CSS and JS Files

In response to the recent influx of notifications (see image just below) from Google Search…

What is Robots.txt? How is it used for search engines?

“Make use of the robots.txt file on your web server. This file tells crawlers which…

Won’t meta tags help me rank so high, I’ll be in the stars?

In short, No. Here’s why. First off, a meta tag is a tag (i.e., a…

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