Footprint Walk on Fire

Published on March 23, 2017 by Alex Eade

The last week has been a busy one for Footprint Digital – well, for the two Toms especially! They’ve been conducting interviews for our annual Training Academy, which will start up again in June 2017. We were all so pleased with the interest in the course & the directors have had a really difficult job on their hands selecting the finalists.

With the fast approach of the start of this year’s academy, it got us thinking about where we all were this time last year- in particular, this day last year, which was when Footprint Digital took part in a fire walk for charity (as you do!)

Footprint had just accepted Hannah, Dana & Alex onto the training academy, and as a friendly welcome, the girls were invited to come along to walk on hot coals – literally an initiation by fire!

Thankfully the event was run by professionals, and there were plenty of buckets of water for toes that overstayed their welcome on the hot coals – the trick was a nice brisk walk with eyes straight ahead (and fingers crossed). Once we got into it, we all went back for another walk across the coals, it actually turned out to be quite fun once you realised you weren’t going to lose your feet in the process!

It was also a great first meeting for the girls who then spent the summer with Footprint Digital, resulting in both Hannah and Alex receiving full time jobs (Dana meanwhile has gone back to university after having her dissertation published and has started her PhD!)

It’s safe to say that the year has flown by for Footprint Digital, and we are all so proud of the company’s development over the last 12 months. Since last March our team has grown, and we are about to move into a swanky new office in Colchester (all clients are welcome to pop by!) Here’s to the next year, and good luck to this year’s academy cohort- we can’t wait to welcome you!


By Alexandra Eade, Content Manager.