The Content Drop-In Session 2: Understanding The Brand Lexicon.

Session Two – Understanding the Brand Lexicon (Monday, June 8th 10:00)


Be our guest to the slides, download them here.


I also promised an example of audience personas. Here’s one where looked at personas based on their need for a Content Hub.

You could equally create these personas with a focus on your product or service.


We learned the key components of writing copy and other sales messaging that will help your brand, or the brand you’re writing for, be unique (most aren’t). We talked: 


  • Mostly about the whys – why your brand exists and how your voice and content can best portray that.
  • A little about how to set page goals bearing your “why” in mind.
  • A little less about audiences (it can be a vast topic) so we covered basic personas. 


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