The Content Drop-In Session 3: Stop Writing Shite.

Session Three – How to Avoid Writing Shite (Monday, June 15th 10:00)


Be our guest to the slides, download them here.


I also promised a blank brand positioning document to help with your website’s voice and consistency—you’ll have to request access. Although it doesn’t solely focus on voice, you can focus on the sections such as your “why, “vision”, “sales messages” and “Calls to Action” in order to get some consistency in your site’s copy and content.


We learned how to make your writing more inviting, and how to focus on conversion. We talked: 


  • Going in with your pants down 
  • Keeping it human
  • Simplicity 
  • Writing drunk and editing sober (preferably with a friend)


Did you miss session one or session two? Find out more about how you start writing for digital, and building brand messaging there.


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Session four: storytelling