An Out of this World Apprentice Challenge

Published on October 17, 2022 by Alex Eade

When the time came for our quarterly Apprentice Challenge, Tom and Charlotte charged the team with getting up and Atom, at the Science Museum in South Kensington. 

Once split into our three groups, the first task of the day was to follow a trail around the museum created by Caroline, the Science Museum’s Education Marketing Manager, and an old colleague of ours (thanks, Caroline!) We had to visit the Exploring Space, Making the Modern World, Flight, and Wellcome Galleries exhibitions and answer lots of questions along the way (as well as discover some fun facts to bring back to the other teams). It was a closely fought competition, but Caroline awarded the win to Becky’s Babes (partly for giving the least amount of sass, and partly because we learnt that Becky’s relative John Cockcroft along with Ernest Walton developed a device that split the first Atom!) 

After a quick lunch break, we were back at it defying gravity (or trying to) with our own flying devices (paper aeroplanes and helicopters). Our teams had to quickly build three different models which we flew against each other on the lawns outside Imperial College. The time that each paper plane was in the air was measured, and the team with the longest cumulative time won. Michael outsmarted all of us by climbing to the top floor at Imperial and throwing his paper helicopter out of the window and his team won by a mile! (well, by about 100 metres). 

Our final task took us back inside the Science Museum, where we were given an hour to shoot and edit video content that would represent the things that we are most proud of about Footprint Digital. These are:

  • Our technical expertise (our tech team are the best of the best and we are SO proud of them)
  • Our partnerships (not just the partnership network of agencies that Carl and Kaya nurture every day, but the partnerships we build with our incredible clients, universities, and trade bodies). 
  • Our education (including our award-winning Footprint Academy, webinars for partner agencies, Department for International Trade sessions, and bespoke education for clients) 

We’re always impressed by how stuck into a task our team gets and by their creativity – there were some excellent videos to choose from but in the end, Tom awarded Baker’s Dozen the overall win for the day!