Your Marketing Tips from the Festive Footprint Giveaway!

Published on December 14, 2022 by Alex Eade

In last week’s book giveaway over on LinkedIn we asked you to tell us your top marketing tips – and they were too good not to share! 


Alex’s Tip – Be Authentic 

My main marketing tip is to be authentic and true to your brand! People always know when the messaging they read is insincere.


Simran’s Tip – Simplicity 

Keep it simple! You’re talking to other humans so don’t make your content difficult to read or you’ll lose your audience.


Abdul’s Tip – Think about growth 

My advice is to adopt a growth mindset! The world of marketing is constantly evolving! Embrace new challenges + test new strategies, then review and improve = learn new skills/approaches!


Charlotte’s (Winning!) Tip – Alleviating real anxieties 

My top marketing tip is to know your audience – who are they? What are they looking for in a brand? What are the assurances that they seek before they commit to buying from you? Then answer them through your content.


Tom’s Tip – Test things! 

Whatever you do in marketing 1)Measure it and 2)Test it. Then work with what you learn. It’s the best way to shoot the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion (HiPPO)!


Kaya’s Tip – Think about the journey 

My tip is to think about the whole customer journey! Where are people interacting with your brand? Are there any touchpoints you haven’t thought about yet?


Kate’s Tip – Do what works for you

Question everything. Put measures in right from the start – even small ones. Sometimes we follow what really isn’t right for us and waste energy and money that could be invested in the golden ticket.


Jo’s Tip – Be a sponge! 

My top marketing tip is to never stop learning! Keep up to date with industry news, trends and try new things!


Sarah’s Tip – Experiment! 

Don’t be afraid to experiment. They say that 10% of your marketing effort should be experimenting.  


Tom’s Tip – Draw on real experiences 

Don’t be afraid to post what you think or about things that have happened to you.

People can relate to these things and it shows we are all only human and go through things in life.

Marketing for me is trying to match the right product with the right person.


Nick’s Tip – Be human 

Focus on the human. What is it about your message that will resonate with your fellow human? Start here and build a powerful message that has real meaning.


Alia’s Tip – Write to your audience 

Always write to and for your audience. People are trying to run away from a pain or towards a gain. What value specifically can you add to the digital space to help them with that?


Chris’ Tip – Read! 

My top Marketing tip is to read as many books on the subject as possible!


Charlotte’s Tip – Put in the work 

Never rush ahead, it can be exciting to picture the end result but don’t ignore all of the hard work that needs to be put in in order to create the best product! I think we all want to just skip to the end sometimes to see our work at the finish line but rushing never helps and can lead to forgetting a lot of important info!


Charles’ Tip – Go further for people 

My top marketing tip is always go the extra mile in serving customers and always put yourself in their shoes. Put people first before profit starting with your staff.


Debbie’s Tip – Think about relevancy 

My top tip is to think about what is relevant for your market. Large numbers don’t always mean large marketing success. The quality of the leads is important.


Colin’s Tip – Be memorable

Make sure that your key message is not only memorable but easily restated. After all, you are as likely as not going to be marketing not to individuals but to their networks. (all HUMAN, as Nick Looby rightly reminds us!)


Paul’s Tip – Authenticity 

My marketing tip is to be authentic and think about what’s in it for the customer.


Don’t forget, you can still find the books that were included in our giveaway here:

Shoot the HiPPO: How to be a killer digital marketing manager, Tom Bowden et al

Modern Zombies, Nick Looby

Sustainable Web Design, Tom Greenwood

How to Write When You’re Not a Writer, Alia Coster

E-telligence, Kate Barrett