Welcoming our Two New Relationship Managers

Published on October 17, 2018 by Alex Eade

In the last few weeks we have welcomed two new relationship managers to our Footprint Digital team.

Both Joanna and Taya joined us in the summer for our Digital Marketing Executive Course, and they have taken on the challenge to come back and work for us full time. Don’t worry we have been nice to them in their first weeks in the office!

Taya has been with us for nearly three weeks now and was ready to put all her digital marketing knowledge she had absorbed in the summer into her new role…

“After a busy summer of being ‘a sponge’ and learning as much as I could during Footprint’s Digital Marketing Executive Course, I started at Footprint Digital ready to get stuck in as a Relationship Manager.  In my first week, I was able to find out more about my future clients – who they were, what they did and how I could help them make the most from their websites. On the first Wednesday, the whole office was involved in a Project Management workshop day, where we discovered different processes and methods that could make us more efficient with projects, leaving more time for creative thinking and relationship building! I learned a lot and was excited to put my new-found knowledge into practice in my ongoing role. Overall, the week was full of new experiences and A LOT of new information. It was very busy and a little scary, but anything new and exciting usually is!” 

       (Taya Beleanina, Relationship Manager)


Joanna joined the Footprint team last week, ready to get back into the office after graduating from the Digital Marketing Executive course…

“I’ve really enjoyed my first week at Footprint Digital. This is the first full time job I have had since finishing my Master’s degree in Marketing and Management at University of Essex…  

…On my first day of starting my exciting new role as a Relationship Manager we started the morning with a ‘Huddle’ meeting (very cute name for a meeting!). During this time we each took turns to talk about our schedules for the week ahead and shared any other important information with the rest of the team.  For the rest of the day I looked at some of my new clients websites and their business information to understand the companies that I would be working with closely. During the rest of the week I worked with the other Relationship Managers Reuben, Thomas and our Head of Client Services Hannah to start handing over some of my clients and create strategy documents.“

    (Joanna Hetzel, Relationship Manager)

The Footprint Digital team welcome you both, Taya and Joanna, and wish you the best in your new roles!

Ellie Elam, Digital Marketing Executive