Welcome to Our Four New Team Members – New Sheriffs in Town

Published on October 23, 2019 by Rosie Baker

We don’t believe in keeping clients quiet, we want to do good work and be the best that we can be. It is these values that make us excited to announce some new additions to the Footprint team. We have four fantastic members joining us this autumn; some with a multitude of wisdom from the digital world and others with a sponge-like thirst to learn more. This on-boarding period is to prepare us for what the future holds.

Commitment to continuous improvement – and doing more for our clients – is important to us. We’re constantly striving to develop our service with the goal of being the best Digital Marketing Agency around.

Chris Green – Head of Marketing Innovation

With over ten years of experience in Digital, we are delighted to have Chris Green join the Footprint Family. Chris is Head of Marketing Innovation and has got stuck into sharing his knowledge about the world of SEO with us. Chris has some fantastic achievements that include being a three-time speaker at Brighton SEO, a webinar panellist at SEM Rush, certified trainer at SISTRIX and OnCrawl Ambassador.

Amongst this, Chris has worked with a variety of clients such as Rentokil Initial, HD Brows, Neighborly and many, many more. Starting as a copywriter, Chris has worked his way through Digital Marketing and he has expertise in Technical SEO, Paid search, analytics and more. We are honoured to have him be apart of the team and we are certain that there is a huge amount of knowledge that we are excited to pick his brain for.

I’m really excited about joining the talented team at Footprint Digital. I have been working in the SEO/Digital world for the best part of a decade, but there was something here which really stood out for me. Their focus on building the digital skills and knowledge of both clients & staff is unlike any I’ve seen before – which is something that I really had to be a part of.

Client Services Additions

Two new Relationship Managers have joined us and they have recently completed the Footprint Academy over the summer. The role of the RM is the backbone of what we do here at Footprint. We believe in creating strong relationships with clients, being sure to always be honest, open and fair. Introducing more Relationship Managers to the family gives us the ability to focus more on the current clientele and extend that to our newly made relationships.

Man playing Bowls in a fieldShaakir Ahmed 

With three years of academic experience in Marketing and Management, Shaakir was once an entrepreneur; he developed his own e-commerce business. He later furthered his experience and completed an MBA at the University of Essex. Shaakir is always on the move and through his love of sport, he has a mean competitive streak that fits great within the Footprint Team. He is a fantastic team player and has so far been on the winning team of our Apprentice Challenges that we hold. Shaakir brought character to the Academy and we are excited to see him within his new job role.

I believe digital marketing is now a crucial strategic tool for any business. If done well, a firm’s digital strategy could provide an edge over their competition and open new revenue opportunities. Being a Relationship Manager at Footprint Digital, I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to support various businesses with their digital evolution.”



Rosie Baker

Woman holding Certificate with Teachers

Rosie is also joining the Footprint Team as a Relationship Manager. Recently she has finished her Masters in Marketing Management as well as completing the Footprint Academy course. Rosie will be involved in building relationships with clients and being sure to support them throughout their time at Footprint. Before getting a foot in the door of the Digital World, Rosie completed a creative undergraduate course in Film and TV production, as well as serving many years in customer services.

Always asking the right questions and giving heavy contribution within the academy, we’re thrilled to have Rosie join the team and help propel us on our journey to improvement.

“Since being involved in the Footprint Academy my interest in Digital Marketing has increased ten-fold. The team have supported me throughout my journey here and I am excited to increase my knowledge within this industry. Since being introduced to my clients I am looking forward to growing a strong relationship with them where they feel supported and heard.”

Partnership Additions

Marketa Benisek Woman making a Ginger Bread house

Finally, we have Marketa Benisek joining us as a Partnership Development Manager. Our partnerships team are a huge asset to our company. We’re experts at what we do if we cannot fulfil one of your marketing requests we’ll know someone who will!

Recently graduating in Advertising and Marketing Communications, Marketa has shown her ambition in Marketing and is a fantastic addition to the Team. Marketa is equipped for whatever we throw at her and has a wonderful determination to achieve the best in herself. With years of experience in Marketing, Marketa has a ton of information to share. We are excited to send her out and meet the partners of Footprint. Most importantly Marketa is going to be opening the doors for us in London! With brand new office space, we officially have one of the team based in London. We are ecstatic to have the wonderful Marketa joining us and for our development in London.

“I enrolled in Footprint Academy when finishing my degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications. All the content at the Academy has helped me gain a better understanding of the ‘hidden’ aspects that every marketer should know. After several years of working as an in-house marketing manager, I was excited to join the Footprint Digital team not only to expand on my skills in digital marketing but also to work with different clients and collaborate with like-minded and ambitious agencies who can help them achieve their goals.” 

It is a delight to welcome these new members to the team and we are excited to see what the future holds here at Footprint.

If you’re looking to embrace the change as much as us, why don’t you check out our Digital Marketing Audit. It helps business understand how to improve their online presence, to support them in making more money online!