We don’t just think of our Elves!

Published on January 3, 2019 by Josef James

It’s been another amazing year in the digital marketing world, and we’ve had the pleasure to work with some fantastic clients and partners. But when the sleigh bells started jingling in the distance, the high-street lights made an appearance and plans with far removed family were going on the calendar, the team knew it wouldn’t be long before they were driving home for Christmas.

Christmas 2018 saw the return of Footprint’s infamous Elf Day. The team rallied together, dressed festively, partook in various child-friendly activities and ate cakes. Hard work. This day of strenuous activity was all undertaken in the name of dementia charity the Alzheimer’s Society

With every member of the team at the very least donning a Christmas jumper, and the try-hards an entire elf costume, there was no shortage of festive spirit. From jingling elf slippers to 3d nosed jumpers, the team were undoubtedly a feast for the eyes!

The day began (almost) formally, with the team undergoing their Google exams. A majority of the group sailed through with near perfect marks. All with absolutely no aid from any source – exemplary. With the formalities of exams over, the first round of festive cakes was unleashed to a resounding reception. The first wave of lemon curd, chocolate and vanilla sponge cupcakes lasted all of five minutes. Their rapid consumption was a sign of things to come over the Christmas period for many.

The Elf based festivities weren’t just for our in-office team. When the news spread that Footprint Digital had become a secondary Santa’s workshop, there was no fending off the smaller members of the Footprint family. With the new arrivals, came new activities. Before we knew it, we were guessing how many candy-canes there were in the deceivingly large box and colouring in our own Christmas decorations.

As the cake ingesting continued, so did the contributions, and the donations box began to inherit a festive jingle of its own.

No Christmas celebration would be complete without a secret Santa, and the team obliged – with the exceedingly healthy budget of £1 per gift. Needless to say, that in most cases this rule was broken. With each of the team happy-ish with their gifts, the day of fun and frivolity came to an end. All in all, we managed to raise £80 towards the Alzheimer’s society.

A huge thank you to our head of client services, Hannah Meadows, for organising the day on our behalf. An extra big thank you to Mother Meadows who assisted in the organisation and baking of cakes – they were most thoroughly enjoyed!

About the Alzheimer’s Society

Alzheimer’s Society is an important charity, doing vital work in the fight against Dementia. They run a national dementia helpline, a research programme to help ease problems for current Dementia sufferers and look to find a cure in the future. All in all, it’s quite humbling stuff.