We Are 10: Proudest Moments

Published on June 30, 2021 by Alex Eade

We are so proud of what our team has achieved over the last 10 years. From Ted Talks, to University lectures, complex Site Migrations to helping clients ride the COVID-19 wave. We asked them what they were most proud of and this is what they said…

  1. Hannah’s proudest moment came when she worked to steer the client services and delivery teams, as well as all of our clients, through the Covid-19 pandemic. (She was an absolute star and we take our hats off to her!)

2. Raffaele took on the task of teaching 40,000 employees of an Italian company over a series of sessions – and before he did that he had to translate our book into Italian!

3. Alex is most proud of editing and publishing our marketing book ‘Shoot the HiPPO: How to be a killer digital marketing manager’ as well as creating and launching the complimentary online course that was taken by 2021’s Footprint Academy.

4. Jennifer is most proud of graduating from the Academy this year – and we’re sure she’ll have many more moments of pride to come!

5. It doesn’t get much better than when the team are told to be more like you – something that Josef is very proud of.

6. Your first public talk is daunting at the best of times – but Jo’s was for a government body! She did a fantastic job and, quite rightly, this is her proudest moment at Footprint!

7. Rosie’s pride comes from doing good work and seeing a plan come together to create fantastic results for her clients.

8. Bailey joined the team recently, so she’s still holding out for her proudest moment!