A Student’s Third Day at Footprint Digital

Published on July 5, 2017 by Alex Eade

I have fallen in love with Footprint Academy. It was my second, and unfortunately last, session of Google Analytics which was again led by Tom J.

It can be really easy to make a topic as intense as analytics to seem draining and boring yet, Tom has a way of explaining things that is easy to understand in an interesting manner. As someone who has never touched analytics before, I was able to follow and understand more than I could ever imagine.

I cannot recommend Footprint Academy enough, it is insightful and there is never a stupid question you can ask. If you don’t understand anything, Tom would gladly explain it once more to help you understand. I almost wish I could always be part of the training sessions and never leave! I enjoy learning and gaining new knowledge about things that can be used in the real world and Footprint Academy does exactly that. There is a perfect balance between theoretical and practical work which allows you to get a deeper understanding of analytics as a whole.

There is more information about Footprint Academy on Footprint Digital’s website, which I suggest you read if you are interested. As a student who has come from an English Literature background, I can now say that I understand marketing a lot better than I did before which is thanks to Footprint Digital.


By Simran Kabotra.