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It’s a jungle out there. Stay ahead of the pack.

You use an accountant for your accounts, lawyers for legal support and HR specialists for HR.

Instead of entrusting your financial future to an unqualified, inexperienced new hire choose to outsource this role to our friendly experts with a proven track record of growth.

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We are so passionate about the power of the Digital Marketing Manager role that we literally wrote THE book about it.

Being a Digital Marketing Manager in the real world is tough and for £1-20 million turnover organisations recruiting the Digital Marketing Manager role is hard. Unrealistic expectations are setting both employees and businesses up for failure.

Budgets are tight, technology is changing fast and there is too much to do in one job. So, what is really important and where should you focus? 

SHOOT THE HIPPO: How to be a killer Digital Marketing Manager is a practical, to the point guide, that will help empower you to lead change in your organisation. It takes away the noise around digital so you can focus on the things that are really important. It will give you the clarity and confidence you need to do the best work of your career and make more money online.

Soon to be available to purchase the book through Amazon or make your life easier by outsourcing the Digital Marketing Manager role to our team.

How the Outsourced Digital Marketing Manager Works


Pay just for the time you need

Buy the time of an experienced marketer to spend with you in your organisation or remotely.


Work with a seasoned marketer

But no need to worry about training sick-leave, holiday, PAYE when you’re not ready to take that on yourself.


Support from an entire agency

Whilst you have your own digital marketing manager, they are backed by an agency full of seasoned experts across different disciplines.

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"Reuben was great - a real asset as a Digital Marketing Manager, he did more than we could have hoped for."
Kayleigh, Marketing Manager at Silver Softworks