Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s been said a million times before – fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Without putting in the initial legwork, then the foundations of your digital marketing campaign will crumble fairly quickly.

This is why, once you sign up with us, the first thing that we’ll do is produce a Digital Marketing Strategy.

The Strategy & Onboarding Process

The first month of your campaign will start off with an onboarding phone call with your dedicated Relationship Manager. We know it can be frustrating if you have to keep swapping and changing who you’re talking to at an agency, so we give you a Relationship Manager when you join, and they’ll be your main point of contact throughout your time with us.

You’ll then receive our Welcome Pack, which will tell you everything you need to know about your Relationship Manager, the wider team and our processes and deliverables.

We’ll work on a Keyword Priority List and a Brand Positioning Document for you, and then there will be an Internal Strategy Creation meeting between the Heads of all of our departments (and your Relationship Manager) to decide upon the best course of action for your account.

Your Relationship Manager will turn this meeting into a 6 Month Action Plan to discuss with you at a Strategic Action Planning Session – and as soon as we’ve met with you and you’re happy, we’ll begin addressing actions!

It can take a while to see the benefits of SEO, which is why we create a strategy that lasts for 6 months; after this we will have a campaign review to see what’s working well, and where the account could be optimised.

Plenty of agencies run in head first, but fall at the first hurdle. We like to do things properly, and reap the rewards that you deserve.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of our services, then feel free to give us a call – we’d love to hear from you!

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