Some Quick Workarounds eCommerce SEO issues

Published on October 7, 2020 by Chris Green

Last night I took to the “stage” to present a lightning talk at an entirely-digital SearchLDN. The whole thing was over almost as quickly as it started, but I had a blast. Jo & Tim have been accomodating hosts for me on a few occasions now – I always enjoy it.

What Happens When you Hit Roadblocks on eCommerce SEO?

SEO on eCommerce websites can be challenging, especially if there are development roadblocks in your way. In the vast majority of cases avoiding roadblocks is based on your ability to provide a prioritisation/business case behind your intended changes, however, sometimes this even isn’t enough.

My presentation is based on some “creative” workarounds if you find yourself in this situation using Google Tag Manager. In the deck I quickly run through each option and then end with a download link for a JSON file which can be uploaded into GTM. So armed with this, you can test some of these options out for yourself – just ensure that you be careful as a misstep here could cause damage to the website in question.

Are you stuck with implementing SEO changes?

These tips are just some of the workarounds you can use when in a sticky situation – and they most certainly are not “best practice”, but they won’t work for everyone. If you are looking for more inspiration or have any questions, you can get in touch or drop me a message via Twitter (my DMs are open).