Salon Supplies: PPC for Professional Beauty Products

Cost per Conversion decreased by 70.7%

295.3% increase in revenue generated from paid ads

Return on Ad Spend more than doubled to 28:1 


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Salon Supplies are an established business with over 50 years of experience providing professional hairdressing, beauty and salon supplies to businesses and direct to consumers online. 

Initial Challenges

When the client joined us on a PPC monthly retainer, they had already been running Google ads for several years, generating good performance. However, they wanted to improve their results and we knew we could help them to increase clicks through to their website, as well as their basket value and their conversion rate. 

Our PPC Work

After auditing what was already set up, our PPC team quickly realised that the Salon Supplies Google Ads account needed major updates to meet best practice. Paid Media Manager, Abdul, restructured the account and optimised its campaign structure to improve targeting and ad effectiveness. 

This restructuring resulted in Salon Supplies’ conversion rate going from 1.58% to 14.67% in just six months. 

Not only did their conversion rate increase, their cost per conversion decreased drastically by 70.7%, meaning their paid ad budget could go further and reach more potential customers. 

There was also a 295.3% increase in revenue generated from paid ads for the client in those first six months of us managing their account. 

We have achieved an exceptional ROAS of 28:1 which has more than doubled from when we inherited the account. This paid media journey has gone from strength to strength and has been a really exciting one to be a part of, exceeding the growth that our client wanted and supporting them to achieve record-breaking months has both been rewarding personally and professionally for our team. 

"Footprint Digital could not have been more attentive and just genuinely interested in our company and industry. It was great to be able to hand over something as specialist and time consuming as SEO and PPC to them but at the same time be kept completely up to date with results and analysis etc."
Lauren Sillence, Senior Digital Marketing Executive