Mathys & Squire: Combined SEO & PPC for this IP Law Firm

  • 45.3% increase in Organic traffic
  • 44.54% increase in Organic new users
  • 33.83% increase in paid ad Click Through Rate
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Mathys & Squire is an intellectual property law firm, covering multiple areas including patents, trade marks, litigation, design registrations and IP consulting. They work within specific sectors including pharmaceuticals, IT & software and biotechnology.

We have worked with them closely to make their website more competitive online, and support them with copy, page layout, and website navigation. There are two distinct parts to Mathys & Squire –  the main business and the ‘Scaleup Quarter’, which focuses on entrepreneurs and small startup businesses.

When they came to us, the main aim was increasing exposure and website traffic.  Everything we’ve done has been geared towards improving their visibility for the right keywords.

SEO and Paid Search Activities:

  1. SEO & Content: Alongside content and page layout consultancy, we’ve been working on technical elements of their website. The client is very interested in accessibility, so we’ve been looking into how their website can be more accessible for all users. We’ve talked them through the switch to GA4 from Universal Analytics, and worked on some of their CSS files. Because the website is international and they have versions for Japan, China and Germany, as well as the UK, there were key hreflang tagging improvements that our technical SEO team have implemented.
  2. Paid search: We set up Google Ads for brand search campaigns and Performance Max campaigns. Initially our Google Ads campaigns included several keywords that contributed to high traffic and conversions – but also high costs. When investigating search terms as part of our ongoing process, we re-structured the ad groups and tweaked focus keywords to allow the budget to focus on better performing keywords, alleviating wasted spend and decreasing the number of poor quality conversions to focus on higher quality leads.
  3. Performance Max: When Google introduced Performance Max, it was a great opportunity to add this new tool to the account in order to capitalise on conversions that the Search campaigns were not focused on. Coupled with strong research and content creation, Pmax campaigns leverage the power of machine learning and AI to show relevant ads to the right buyer at the right time on their buying journey. Pmax campaigns are now some of the top converting campaigns for the client and have benefitted the account.
  4. Education: Mathys & Squire offer internships to recent university graduates who we support by delivering training sessions on Mathys & Squire’s work with us, and the basics of SEO and PPC.

Digital Carbon Footprint Audit:

In 2023, we conducted a digital carbon footprint audit for the client to determine how much carbon their website was producing annually, and provide consultation on how to reduce their environmental impact. 

Our first audit discovered that their website produced 95.71 kg CO2 from the standard grid. After providing technical recommendations for carbon reduction we repeated the audit process in early 2024 which concluded that the Mathys & Squire website now produced 69.9 kg CO2 annually – a reduction of 27%. This reduction is the equivalent of providing enough electricity to charge about 8,503 smartphones, down from 11,653. 

We were incredibly pleased to help this client reduce their digital carbon footprint by over a quarter, and will continue to support them to make sustainability and engagement improvements through our technical SEO work on their account. Digital sustainability is not just about reducing all carbon output, it’s about reducing online waste and optimising content and targeting so that the quality of website visits and performance of pages increase and carbon is used for important reasons online, not wasteful ones.

Key Outcomes: 

Six month period (Oct 2022 – March 2023) compared to the previous year:

  • 45.3% increase in Organic traffic
  • 42.29% increase in Organic sessions
  • 44.54% increase in Organic new users

For paid ads over a six month period (Nov 22- Apr 23), compared to the six months prior:

  • 27.14% increase in clicks
  • 33.83% increase in CTR overall