Paid Media for an eCommerce Art Dealership

400% growth over 12 months.

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This well known eCommerce client called upon us to help after they had encountered challenges with their paid advertising strategy, leading to suboptimal return on ad spend due to previous agency issues with Google Ads compliance. 

Upon assuming management of the account, we conducted a thorough audit and built a strategy, implementing new search and P Max campaigns in adherence to Google’s guidelines. This resulted in a substantial enhancement in performance, with return on ad spend increasing from 106% to 135% initially, ultimately achieving 400% growth over 12 months.

The previous ad campaigns lacked specificity, covering a broad range of products. We streamlined campaigns, paused underperforming ad groups and focused on high-converting products. Revamping ad copy to transition from generic to personalised narratives, we emphasised the transformative nature of art, enhancing engagement.

Tailoring messaging and product focus to align with seasonal trends, we captured attention and drove conversions during critical periods. To differentiate from competition, we highlighted brand quality, reliable delivery, and trustworthiness. We addressed negative reviews and enhanced online reputation through community-building in collaboration with Trustpilot.

Through refined targeting and messaging, we achieved higher return on ad spend while optimising budgets. Leveraging data insights, we fine-tuned bid strategies and experimented with new ad formats, such as video ads, to further enhance performance.

We also provided SEO guidance to resolve website issues impacting performance, ensuring synergy between marketing channels.