Nothing Accompanies a Graduation Ceremony like Windsurfing, Sailing and Bowls

Published on September 3, 2019 by Josef James

At the end of August, our Digital Marketing Executive Course came to a close. Having absorbed twenty-two days worth of digital marketing expertise, each partaker was now ready to enter into the world of digital. What better way to do that then windsurfing, sailing and bowls?

The day began with Footprint donning wetsuits and lifejackets and taking to the water – the next video encapsulates the efforts and achievements of the team. 

A delicious pub meal preceded the making of graduation hats. With hats equipped the team made their way to a nearby level field overlooking the water, for the graduation ceremony and annual game of bowls. 

A Toast to our Fresh Academy Graduates 

Ellie Elam Graduating Footprint Digital Academy Eleanor Elam

Rosie Baker Graduating Footprint Digital Academy Rosie Baker

Luwam Selassie Graduating Footprint Digital Academy Luwam Selassie

Marketa Benisek Graduating Footprint Digital Academy Marketa Benisek

Shaakir Ahmed Graduating Footprint Digital Academy Shaakir Ahmed

Josef James Graduating Footprint Digital Academy Josef James

Footprint Digital Graduates 2019

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