We Believe That There is Nothing You Can’t Achieve

Published on 5th April 2017

The mantra that everyone at Footprint Digital lives and works by, is that there is nothing you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it and put in the hard work. We love to support other like-minded people to achieve their dreams, and one such person is Moroccan born, Bouchra Baibanou.

We found out about Bouchra, when Tom B met her at the top of a mountain. Casual. Tom got chatting to Bouchra, and discovered that she is a woman on a mission. That mission, is to be the first African lady to complete The Seven Summits, the highest mountain peaks of each of the seven continents.

Bouchra is well on her way to achieving this dream, having completed five of the seven summits since 2011. She’s already conquered:

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro: The highest African peak
  2. Mount Elbrus: The highest European peak
  3. Aconcagua: The highest South American peak
  4. Denali: The highest North American peak
  5. Carstensz: The highest Australian peak

Her next challenge is Everest. No mean feat, as we’re sure you’ll agree! However, Bouchra has a secret weapon for tackling this climb – determination – and she’s got it in bucket loads.

As a company, we decided to help fund Bouchra’s Everest ascent. We’re doing this because she is living proof that if you want to do something, you can.

Bouchra is not just doing this for herself- if she wanted to pick a hobby there are much less strenuous (and more enjoyable) things she could be doing! She set herself this challenge to contradict negative stigmas surrounding women – especially African women and Muslim women. Every step she takes towards her goal is a step towards creating a powerful role model for women, and we couldn’t be prouder to endorse her cause.

As I write this, Bouchra is in Nepal, preparing herself for a 6-8 week climb up Mount Everest- we will make sure to keep you informed of her progress!


Good luck Bouchra – the Footprint Digital team are right behind you!

By Alexandra Eade, Content Manager.